Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Fridays, 3:30-4:30 PM
102 McAllister Building

Spring 1999

01/22/99 Rodolfo Rodriguez
University of Concepcion, Chile
Host: D. Arnold
Modeling and finite element analysis of damped vibrations for fluid-structure coupled systems
01/29/99 Wolfgang Wendland
University of Stuttgart
Host: J. Xu
On the modeling of sedimentation of a suspsension
02/05/99 Zhiping Li
Peking University
Host: J. Xu
Computation of microstructure
02/12/99 Jan Hesthaven
Brown University
Host: D. Arnold
Spectral penalty methods
02/19/99 Qing Han
Notre Dame University
Host: C. Liu
Asymptotic behavior of solutions and its application to singular sets
03/05/99 Shih-Hsien Yu
Host: J. Xu
Recent developments on discrete shock profiles
03/12/99 no seminar-spring break
03/19/99 Ming-Jun Lai
University of Georgia
Host: C. Liu
Bivariate splines for data fitting
03/26/99 Leslie Greengard
Courant Institute
Host: D. Arnold
Nearly Singular Fields: Electrostatics and Elastostatics of Composite Materials
04/16/99 Finite Element Circus The Circus will be held at Penn State, April 16-17
04/23/99 Joseph Cusumano
Penn State
Host: A. Belmonte
On contact-induced standing waves in rotating tires: experiment and theory
04/30/99 Saleh Tanveer
Ohio State
Host: A. Belmonte
Surprises in viscous fingering