Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Fridays, 3:30-4:30 PM
102 McAllister Building

Spring 1998

01/16/98 Xiaoping Wang
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Host: J. Shen
Phase transition in Van der Waals flow
01/23/98 Graeme Milton
University of Utah
Host: L. Berlyand
Using analyticity to check the consistency of experimental measurements
01/30/98 Xinfu Chen
University of Pittsburgh
Host: J. Shen
Formal asymptotic expansions and their rigorous verifications
02/06/98 Lung-an Ying
Peking University
Host: J. Xu
The infinite element method for scattering problems
02/13/98 Yannis Kevrekidis
Princeton University
Host: J. Lopez
Closed-loop dynamics: two computational case studies
02/20/98 Steve Hou
Iowa State University
Host: J. Shen
Analysis, approximation, and computations of unsteady optimal flow control problems
02/27/98 John C. Strikwerda
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Host: D. Arnold
Preconditioning for regular elliptic systems of differential equations
03/06/98 V. Druskin
Schlumberger Doll Research
Host: L. Berlyand
Homogenization for the finite-difference approximation of elliptic equations with rough coefficients
03/13/98 no seminar--spring break
03/20/98 Vladimir Maz'ya
Linköping University, Sweden
Host: D. Arnold
An asymptotic theory of boundary and local singularities of solutions to higher order linear and semilinear elliptic equations
03/27/98 Note: Finite Element Circus at Denver
04/03/98 Ludmil Zikatanov
Penn State
Subspace definition for a multigrid method on unstructured grids
04/10/98 Sijue Wu
University of Iowa
Host: M. Chen
Wellposedness in Sobolev spaces of the full water wave problem
04/17/98 Peter Oswald
Bell Labs, Lucent Technologies
Host: D. Arnold
Nonlinear approximation and solution adaptivity
04/24/98 Mark Ablowitz
University of Colorado at Boulder
Host: D. Henderson
Effective and computational chaos
05/01/98 Michael Shelley
Courant Institute
Host: S. Tavener
Models of neuronal activity in the visual cortex