Computational and Applied Mathematics Colloquium Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Fridays, 3:35-4:30 PM

106 McAllister Building

Other CAM Seminars:

PDEs and Numerical Methods Seminar Series: a less formal weekly seminar related to research activities at CCMA
The Pritchard Lab seminar: a flexible forum in which scientists of all disciplines can present research where mathematics might contribute.
CAM Luncheon Seminar: a lunch seminar for graduate students to meet and interact with CAM personnels.


13 Jan   Mingzhong Wu
 Department of Physics
 Colorado State University
 Generation of Spin Wave Envelope Solitons in Magnetic Film Systems

20 Jan    Weiqing Ren
 Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
 New York University
 Transition Pathways in Complex Systems

27 Jan   Bernard Deconinck
 Department of Applied Mathematics
 University of Washington
 Computing spectra of linear operators

3 Feb   Pierre Gremaud
 Department of Mathematics
 Center for Research in Scientific Computation
 North Carolina State University
  Numerical investigation of vacuum formation in compressible flows

10 Feb   David Hoff
 Department of Mathematics
 Indiana University
  Lagrangean Structure and Propagation of Singularities in Multidimensional Compressible Flow

17 Feb   Constantin Bacuta
 Department of Mathematics
 University of Delaware
  Regularity for the biharmonic problem and the Stokes systems on polygonal domains

24 Feb   Lung-an Ying
 School of Mathematical Sciences
 Xiamen University, Xiamen China
 School of Mathematical Sciences
 Peking University, Beijing China
  Convergence study of the Chorin-Marsden formula

3 March   John Lowengrub
 Department of Mathematics
 University of California, Irvine
 Controlling the shapes of micro- and nano- scale structures

10 March  Spring Break

17 March   Vladimir Zakharov
 Department of Mathematics
 University of Arizona
  Numerical Wave Tanks

24 March   Min Chen
 Department of Mathematics
 Purdue University
 Study of two-dimensional Boussinesq systems

31 March   Xiantao Li
 Department of Mathematics
 Penn State University
 Boundary conditions for molecular dynamics simulations in crystalline solids: from zero temperature to finite temperature

7 April   Wenwu Cao
 Department of Mathematics;
 Materials Research Institute;
 Penn State University;
 Study polarization reversal using computer simulation and ultrasound

14 April   Uday Banerjee
 Department of Mathematics
 Syracuse University
  Superconvergence Recovery in Generalized Finite Element Method

21 April   Eduard Karpov
 Northwestern University
Bridging Scale and Domain Reduction Approaches to Multiscale Computations

28 April   Jerry Bona
 Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science 
 University of Illinois, Chicago
 Dispersive Blow-up and Rogue Waves

5 May   Michael Shearer
 Department of Mathematics
 Center for Research in Scientific Computation   
 North Carolina State University
  Thin Liquid Films on an Inclined Plane: Experiments, Theory and Simulation.

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