Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Fridays, 3:30-4:30 PM
102 McAllister Building

Spring 2000

01/14/00 Xue-Cheng Tai
University of Bergen
Host: J. Xu
Numerical results for some inverse problems for reservoir problems
01/21/00 Shouhong Wang
Indiana University
Host: J. Shen
A Geometric Theory of 2-D Incompressible Flows and its Applications to Ocean Circulations *** Postponed due to weather conditions ***
01/28/00 Gregory J. Rodin
U. Texas
Host: J. Xu
A Fictitious Domain Method for Micromechanical Analysis of Composite Materials
02/04/00 to be announced to be announced
02/11/00 Wilfrid Ganbo
Georgia Tech
Host: C. Liu
A variational approach for the 2-D semi-geostrophic shallow water equations
02/18/00 Robert Falgout
Lawrence Livermore Laboratory
Host: J. Xu
Parallel Algebraic Multigrid for Finite Elements (AMGe)
02/25/00 Xiaoming Wang
Iowa State
Host: C. Liu
Boundary Layer Associated with Incompressible Channel Flow with Injection and Suction
03/03/00 Tom Powers
Harvard University
Host: A. Belmonte
Viscous nonlinear dynamics of elastic filaments: twist, kinks, and drag
03/17/00 Mike Shelley
Courant Institute
Host: A. Belmonte
Mechanisms underlying realistic responses in a model of the visual cortex
03/20/00 Michel Chipot
Universitaet Zuerich
Host: C. Liu
A class of nonsingular perturbation problems    *** N.B.   Monday: March 20, 4:00-5:00pm in 109 Boucke ***
03/24/00 Shouhong Wang
Indiana University
Host: J. Shen
A Geometric Theory of 2-D Incompressible Flows and its Applications to Ocean Circulations
03/31/00 Rich Jordan
Host: C. Liu
Self-organization in nonlinear wave turbulence   ***   Cancelled   ***
04/07/00 Rich McLaughlin
U.N.C., Chapel Hill
Host: J. Jacobsen
Scalar Intermittency in Shear Models and the Rigorous Calculation of a PDF Tail
04/14/00 Christopher J. Larson
Host: C. Lui
Regularity of components in optimal design problems with perimeter penalization
04/21/00 Benyu Guo
Shanghai Normal University
Host: J. Shen
Jacobi Approximation and its Applications
04/28/00 Gene Wayne
Boston University
Host: S. Tavener
The long wave limit for the water wave problem and the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam model
05/05/00 Ben-Qi Guo
University of Manitoba
Host: J. Shen
Inverse Approximation Theorems for the p-version Finite Element Method *** N.B.   104 McAllister Building ***

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