Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Fridays, 3:30-4:30 PM
102 McAllister Building

Fall 1999

08/07/99 Vilmos Gaspar
Kossuth Lajos University, Debrecen, Hungary
Host: A. Belmonte
Control of chemical chaos
08/27/99 No seminar this week
09/03/99 Jon Jacobsen
Penn State
Host: S. Tavener
Bifurcation Problems Associated with Monge-Ampere Operators
09/010/99 Ragnar Winther
University of Oslo
Host: D. Arnold
A robust nonconforming H2 element
09/17/99 Epifanio Virga
University of Pavia
Host: C. Calderer
Dynamics of vesicles subject to adhesion
09/24/99 Chuck Gartland
Kent State University
Host: C. Calderer
Defects in Liquid Crystal Droplets: Numerical and Analytical Results from a Landau-de Gennes Model
10/01/99 Peter Veerman
Penn State University
Host: S. Tavener
Geometrical model for a particle on a rough inclined surface
Rescheduled for Monday, October 18, 4:30--5:30pm, 311 Boucke Building
10/08/99 Seymour Parter
University of Wisconsin
Host: J. Shen
Preconditioning Legendre Spectral Collocation Methods for Elliptic Problems: Finite Difference Operators and Finite Element Operators
10/15/99 Jerry Bona
University of Texas at Austin
Host: J. Li
Initial-boundary-value problems arising in modelling long-waves
10/22/99 Robert Kohn
Courant Institute
Host: C. Calderer
From step motion laws to surface evolution laws
10/29/99 Peter Palffy-Muhoray
Kent State
Host: C. Calderer
Ratchets at Work: Molecular Motors in the Photoalignment of Liquid Crystals
11/05/99 David Olagunju
University of Delaware
Host: A. Belmonte
Bifurcations and transition to chaos in viscoelastic torsional flow
11/12/99 Steven Damelin
Penn State
Host: D. Arnold
Lagrange interpolation on the real line
11/19/99 Dan Meiron
Host: C. Calderer
12/03/99 Scheduling conflict: No seminar this week
12/10/99 Mary Pugh
University of Pennsylvania
Host: S. Tavener
Long-wave unstable thin film equations --- singularities, steady states, and their properties
12/17/99 Ivo Babuska
University of Texas at Austin
Host: J. Xu
Can we trust the results we are getting by FEM ?   *** 312 Boucke ***

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