Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Fridays, 3:30-4:30 PM
102 McAllister Building

Fall 1997

08/29/97 Paul Plassmann
Penn State
Scalable unstructured mesh algorithms and implementations
09/05/97 Manil Suri
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Host: D. Arnold
Optimal hp convergence over partitioned domains
09/12/97 Alistair Spence
University of Bath
Host: S. Tavener
A Newton-Picard algorithm for computing periodic solutions of large scale dynamical systems
09/19/97 J. Thomas Beale
Duke University
Host: D. Arnold
Numerical methods for time-dependent water waves
09/26/97 Shangyou Zhang
University of Delaware
Host: J. Xu
A multigrid iterated penalty method for high-order mixed element Stokes equations
10/03/97 Houde Han
Beijing University
Host: D. Arnold
Numerical solutions of PDEs on unbounded domains--artificial boundaries and artificial boundary conditions
10/10/97 No seminar: Finite Element Circus at Cornell
10/17/97 Edriss Titi
University of California, Irvine
Host: J. Shen
Postprocessing the Galerkin method: a novel approach to approximate inertial manifolds
10/24/97 Chi-Wang Shu
Brown University
Host: J. Shen
Local discontinuous Galerkin method for convection-diffusion equations
10/31/97 Weinan E
Courant Institute
Host: J. Shen
Gauge methods for viscous incompressible flows and non-local variational problems
11/07/97 Ricardo Nochetto
University of Maryland
Host: D. Arnold
Adaptive solution of phase change problems with error control
11/14/97 Peter Monk
University of Delaware
Host: D. Arnold
Finite element methods for Maxwell's equations
11/21/97 Michel Fortin
Université Laval
Host: D. Arnold
Anisotropic mesh adapatation
11/28/97 no seminar--Thanksgiving
12/05/97 Shi Jin
Georgia Institute of Technology
Host: J. Xu
Numerical methods for multiscale transport equations
12/12/97 Bo Li
Host: J. Xu
Finite element analysis of non-convex variational problems modeling crystalline solids