Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar Series

Penn State University
Department of Mathematics
Fridays, 3:30-4:30 PM
102 McAllister Building

Fall 2001

08/24/01 Constantin Bacuta
Dept of Math, PSU
Interpolation between Subspaces of Hiblert Spaces and Applications to Shift Theorems for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
Fanghua Lin
Courant Inst
Host: Qiang Du
Deformations and dynamics of defects in liquid crystals
Arnold Shapiro
Host: Jenny Li
Actuarial Science ^Ö Analytical Perspective
09/14/01 (2:30pm, 104 Osmond) Victor Nistor
Dept of Math, PSU
An introduction to degenerate elliptic equations
09/21/01(football weekend) Jenny Li
Math/Economics, PSU
Close-form Solutions of A Dynamical Monetary Model
09/28/01 Todd Arbogast
TICAM, UT-Austin
Host: Jinchao Xu
A two-scale theoretical and numerical framework for approximating the solution to an elliptic equation
10/05/01(football weekend) HongYuan Zha
Comp S & E, PSU
Host:Qiang Du
Some computational problems in data mining applications
10/12/01 Marius Mitrea
Host:Victor Nistor
Sharp Hodge Decompositions, Maxwell's Equations, and Vector Poisson Problems on Non-Smooth Three-Dimensional Domains
10/19/01 Zou

Host: Jinchao Xu
The method of moving spheres and its applications to non-existence for cooperative semilinear elliptic systems
10/26/01(football weekend) Shiyi Chen
John Hopkins & LANL
Host:Jinchao Xu
New Insights of Fluid Turbulence Using High Resolution Simulation
11/02/01(football weekend) Y. Pesin
Penn State Univ
Chaos in Traveling Waves of Lattice Systems of Unbounded Media
11/09/01 (special time and place)
(2:00pm 115 Osmond Lab)
Van Emden Henson
Host: L. Zikatanov
The state of Algebraic Multigrid research: why are we where we are, and where are we going?
11/09/01 Jayanth Banavar
Dept of Phys, PSU
Host: A. Belmonte
Geometry and Physics of proteins
11/16/01 (football weekend) Xiaobin Feng
Univ of Tenn
Host C.Liu & Q.Du
Finite Element Approximations of Diffuse Interface Models and Their Sharp Interface Limit
11/23/01 Thanksgiving break

11/30/01 Jimmy Feng
Levich Inst, CUNY
Host: C. Liu
Instabilities and Defects in Shear Flow of Nematic Polymers
12/07/01 Roberto Camassa
Univ of North Carolina
Host: M Levi
Rotating shafts, shallow water waves and Toda flows.

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