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About me. Since July 2011, I have been holding a Full Professor position at the Department of Mathematics,   The Pennsylvania State University.
I graduated from the (the site is in Bulgarian) Mathematics High School in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria (class of 1981).
I received my Ph.D. degree in Mathematics from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I am working in the general area of computational mathematics. My research is focused on numerical methods for partial differential equations; numerical linear algebra; multilevel methods for linear systems and optimization; nonlinear approximation tools in compression of data and machine learning; and the applications of such mathematical techniques in hydrogeology, resource economics, physics and other sciences.

Publications (MathSciNet links require a subscription).

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Ph.D. students.

Undergraduate research.

Software. Together with Xiaozhe Hu (Tufts) and James Adler (Tufts) I am one of the authors of the HAZmath: A Simple Finite Element, Graph, and Solver Library, which provides basic finite element and graph routines.

Research support. The research support by the National Science Foundation (NSF), US Department of Energy (DoE), and the Penn State's Center for Computational Mathematics and Applications (CCMA) is gratefully acknowledged. List of past and current NSF awards in which I have been (or I am) a CoPI or the PI is found here.

Contact info. Ludmil Zikatanov,   Department of Mathematics,   239 McAllister building,   Penn State,   University Park, PA, 16802
Skype ID: ltz.math  
E-mail: <ludmil.math AT gmail DOT com>

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