July 28 Exotic Mushrooms Preview

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In addition to the expertise of Tom Patterson and the Orners, Eric Burhart will be on hand to help explain the difference between wild and cultivated mushrooms and the ways people can access wild mushrooms on their land. Eric is Program Director for Plant Science at Shaver's Creek Environmental Center at Penn State. He is an expert in wild forest products including  ginseng, mushrooms, and other edible and medicinal plants. He is knowledgeable about the symbiotic relationship between the mushrooms and the hosts on which they grow. This is helpful is recognizing and managing the types of conditions favorable for mushroom growth.

Eric will also be available to discuss sustainability issues in promoting continued mushroom growth, nutritional and medicinal qualities of mushrooms, ways to prepare mushrooms, and the logistical and legal issues involved with marketing mushrooms.

We hope to see you there!

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