Annual Tour of Rodale Institute

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for Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network


PA-WAgN's annual tour of Rodale Institute will showcase organic production, organic certification, and new research at the Institute.  The event will be held on June 3  from 9 am to 3:15 pm. 


This year's event offers farmers a special opportunity to hear about organic production of a new specialty crop in the Northeast, baby ginger, which is grown in high tunnels in just one season. Susan Anderson, owner of East Branch Ginger, will explain how to grow and market baby ginger at farmers' markets and to restaurants.


The day will also include a presentation on organic transition by Jeff Moyer, farm director at Rodale Institute and member of the National Organic Standard's Board; and demonstrations of large-scale composting; organic apple production; community-supported agriculture; and "closed-loop" sustainable farming with animals.


Over lunch, participants will have the opportunity network with other farmers across the state.

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