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Combination Treatments for Separation Anxiety

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Hey Guys. As you already know, I am writing my large research paper on effective treatment methods for separation anxiety. You guys have heard me preach about these treatments in speech class but here is another article that explains my findings. When used together, cognitive behavioral therapy and anti depressents are said to be increasingly more effective. Why use only one treatment when two treatments work better together.

Article about Separation Anxiety

We are..... Number 1!!!

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Hey guys! So I am sure all of you heard.. The Princeton Review ranked us # 1 for the top party school in the country! Pretty cool!

Here is the link of the top party schools.

We are...Penn State

Recorded Narrative Essay!!

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Hey guys. This is my essay on how the media directly influences the way that we feel about ourselves. I hope you enjoy!!

Narrative essay.m4a

My self-assessment for speech one!

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Hey guys! So.. speech one went a lot better than I expected. I was very anxious coming into this class, nonetheless, having my first speech. Thinking that my nerves would get to me, I practiced multiple times. I didn't want to get up there and forget my entire speech.  I practiced in the mirror as well as in front of an audience. In addition, I tried to relate my topic to the class. Being that we are here in college, I thought separation anxiety would be relevant. In my speech, I thought it would be a good idea to wake the audience up with a few things. I used the beginning attention getter as a way to get to audience interested. By them putting their heads down, probably sparked their attention. I also got the audience involved when I asked them to raise their hands if any of them have had any of the symptoms of separation.  By talking about the signs and symptoms of the disorder, maybe got my audience thinking about if they too are experiencing this now. I thought this too was effective. Overall, I thought my speech went well. Being that I went a day before I signed up for, I was not as nervous as I probably would be. I just got up there and tried to act as confident as possible. I didn't really look down at my note cards too much. I might have been playing with the cards while I was up there so I need to work on that. I also thought that the organization of my speech was great. I am pretty sure everyone could follow what I was talking about. Lastly, I thought the content of my speech was good. I didn't go too in depth where no one could understand but I just briefly described where the disorder stems from such as the topic of object permanence as a child, some of the signs and symptoms and why this disorder is important to talk about being that we away from home. I am very happy with how it went and how I have started to overcome my fear of speaking to an audience.

I would have to say that my low point of the speech was when I forgot my last point. I thought I was standing up there for a while but I am sure it was only about 3 or 4 seconds. Although it was kind of embarrassing, I stayed very composed and got right back on track. I don't think I looked that anxious. I think if I practiced maybe one or two more times, this would not have happened. My high point of the speech had to be the feeling I got when I was half way through. I knew that I had all my material down and nothing was stopping me. It was a great feeling knowing that after all my anxiety and stress over the speech, it all worked out. Another high was when I was done. Not only did I get many compliments about how good my speech was, I also felt good about it too. Knowing that I just went up there and faced my fear was a rewarding feeling.

            After my speech, I have a great idea of what to expect and where I will go with it from here. I now realize that practice does make a HUGE difference. For my next speeches, I will work hard to perfect my delivery. I will also practice a few more times than before just so I don't forget anything. I need to be a bit more confident with my stance and overall manner when I stand up in front of the class. I will practice more on looking professional and confident. As for my topic, I will go further in depth separation anxiety and become more of an expert. I need to make sure my audience becomes experts too after my speeches. I look forward to presenting my next speech and improve upon the mistakes I made. 

Youtube Video

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As I was looking at some videos on youtube, I found this video about how women strive to be skinny. There are some really crazy statistics in the video as well some very sad/repulsive pictures. Take a look and see how the media has impacted millions of women around the world.

Cool website!

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Hey guys. For the literacy narrative essay, I wrote about how society looks to the television for inspiration and drive to look like these celebrities. 

My sisters friend created this really cool website that kind of works with my topic. It is about digital cosmetic surgeries. There is a really cool video on the site that shows how much photo editing is done to correct the bodies of women who are in magazines and ads. You should take a look!

I hope you enjoy!!

My haiku

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Environment change
Anxious feelings are rising
Giving things a try

Recorded Isearch essay

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Topic for Isearch essay

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Hey guys!! This is my first blog entry.

I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lindsey Gould. I am from Potomac, MD. I went to Winston Churchill High School. I played golf, lacrosse, soccer and basketball. In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my family and friends. I look forward to spending my summer with you guys.

 I wanted to let all of you know what I am basing all of my essays on. I thought that it would be interesting to research and talk about how society is so fixated on what others are doing. I am sure everyone can relate to this in some way. Whether its facebook, watching television, or just following your favorite celebrity, people seem to be more OBSESSED with other people than their very own lives. 

If you guys want a glance at what I am talking about, here is a website that is filled with the newest gossip. Maybe you guys will find something juicy that will interest you. 
Let me know what you think.





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