Blueberry root anatomy

The main objective of this project was to characterize the blueberry root system. The anatomy (diameter, stele diameter, vessel diameter, number of vessels); morphology (root length, specific root length, root tissue density), mycorrhizal colonization and nitrogen:carbon ratios  were measured by the branching order hierarchy.



Project summary

· Root anatomical traits as root diameter, stele diameter, vessel diameter and number of vessels were significantly different between root orders.

· As in other temperate species nitrogen:carbon ratio was higher on the finest roots.

· We found significant differences in mycorrhizal colonization between the different root orders.

The finest blueberry roots reach only 20 µm in diameter, compare to human hair that can reach an average of 78 µm.

 Anatomically and morphologically, blueberry roots are consider extremes when we compare them with roots from temperate tree species.


Significant findings

Fourth order root

Pictures showing here where prepared by Vivianette Vera using a light microscope.

Third order root

First order root

Second order root

          1 mm grid

     Blueberry roots