Welcome to Penn State Shenango!  My name is Lisa Reeves Bertin and I am an instructor in the Information Sciences & Technology Department.  And I love technology!  I have been called a computer geek and take pride in that label!

I strongly believe that your success at our campus is directly tied to your use of technology.  98% of all communication from the university will be in digital form.  Your tuition bill, your grades, your financial aid are all examples of the digital communications you need to be aware of.  And there are many more technology issues you must understand and USE to be successful in your college career. 

The entries below will describe in detail the technology you need to fully understand.  PLEASE feel free to send me an email at anytime for clarification (lrb19@psu.edu).

To access information systems provided by the university, you will need a user id and password.  Once you have formally enrolled in the university, you need to visit the registrar's office and obtain an ID card.  You will then take that ID card to a signature station (registrar's office, library or Great Hall), swipe the ID card through the reader, and you will be assigned a password.   This password IS NOT something easily remembered.  It will be a combination of letters, numbers and special characters.  You may change this password at www.work.psu.edu but PLEASE USE STRONG PASSWORDS!  (See the password category of this blog.)

Remember, your access account is used to log onto many of the technologies provided by the university.  You need to protect this user id and password.  NEVER give your password to anyone!  That rule includes faculty and even the IT staff on campus.   All computers on campus are monitored.  When you log in, the university does know what activities occurring.  They do not limit what you do, but they do monitor.  When you log into the system, you agree to abide by the rules of the university.  This includes NOT downloading music or videos illegally and NOT using Penn State systems to run your own business.  So it is important to remember, IF YOU LOG IN, LOG OUT!  I REPEAT.  IF YOU LOG IN, LOG OUT.




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 Angel is the online course management tool provided by the university.  Access to ANGEL is controlled by the courses you enroll in.  IF the faculty member activates the ANGEL site, you will see that course listed under my courses.  The online course management system provides a way for faculty and students to communicate, submit homework assignments, take quizzes, and collaborate on projects.  ANGEL is  used by many clubs and organizations on campus.  You also have 10MG of storage space provided under My Files.  ANGEL is accessed at angel.psu.edu.



Students may print up to 200 black-and-white pages each semester without incurring extra charges. The cost of these is subsidized by the information technology fee.   After 200 pages (or the equivalent in color pages), each additional page on non-color printers costs $0.05, regardless of how much is printed on the paper, or if one or two sides are used.  The charges are monitored by who is LOGGED IN TO a specific desktop, hence it is critical that when you log into a machine, you log out when you are done!


For more information, go to http://clc.its.psu.edu/Printing/



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It should come as no surprise that the entire world has gone digital!  This includes your resume and how you will apply for internships and future jobs.  Instead of using paper resumes, most students now use what is referred to as an eportfolio.  An eportfolio is basically a digital representation of yourself.  The benefit of using an eportofio is that you can better show your skills.  For example, you can include writing samples, pictures, videos, and audio recordings.  Your eportfolio brings your resume to life!  Check out samples at portfolio.psu.edu and start collecting ideas now.  It will make it much easier when you graduate!




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To manage the majority of your transactions with the university, you will use a tool called "Elion."  You will use this service to register for classes, check your financial aid, check your grades and even apply for work study.   You can also use this tool to complete a degree audit.  The audit will tell you the classes you have completed and the classes you still need to take to complete your current major.  You can also run this degree audit for other majors.  PLEASE make sure you check out this application as soon as possible.  Elion is critical to succeeding at the campus.  You are required to log in with your user id and password. 




Our library may be small in size but it is huge in services!  As part of the Big Ten Conference you now have access to ANY book that any of the Big Ten universities own!  You can request a book through the online service called "The CAT"  and it will be delivered to the Shenango campus in a day or two.  Other services include digital books, access to academic journals and assistance writing citations.Libraries2011.JPG

Check it out at www.libraries.psu.edu

PASS Space

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As a Penn State student, you receive free of charge 512MB of free network storage space.  You can request up to 10G of space.  When you log onto any computer on campus, the storage space is automatically accessed.  If you click on the My Computer icon, you will see 'your' network drive displayed with your user id.  When you are in an application such as Word, you can save your file directly to this storage space by changing the save in location to your PASS space.  Again, you can access your storage space from ANY computer on campus.  From home, you would access your storage space through the Portal (see that category of this blog).


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The university requires a password to access many technology applications.  PLEASE TAKE THIS PASSWORD SERIOUSLY.  If I get your user id and password, I could really cause you trouble!  For example, I could log onto a campus computer and illegally download music.  Guess who would get called on the carpet?!?!  Not me!!  I can also download FREE software from the Internet to guess passwords.  If you use a word straight from the dictionary I can 'crack' that password in under 5 SECONDS!  Your original password is considered 'strong'.  It is a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters that is not easily guessed.  You may change this password at www.work.psu.edu.  But please be sure to replace the original password with a new STRONG password.  This is a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.  You must also change your password every 365 days.  If you do not, you will be locked out of the system. 






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Portal is a fancy word for entry point.  The university provides you with a free service designed to make your entry into the Internet specific to the Penn State experience.  Notice the most typical links used by a Penn State student are provided on the navigation bar across the top of the page.  The portal requires login with your access account (user id and password).  The portal is also how you will access your PASS space from a computer OFF campus.  That link is shown in the center of the page below.  The site is access at portal.psu.edu.