The Geospatial Revolution Visits Macedonia for Civil-Military Emergency Preparedness Workshop

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From Cheraine Stanford-Producer/Co-Director:

Today was the first day of the Civil-Military Emergency Preparedness (CMEP) South Eastern Europe Technical Workshop in Struga, Macedonia. Penn State Public Broadcasting was invited to show an episode of The Geospatial Revolution each morning of the 4-day workshop and to discuss some of the production techniques and behind-the-scenes insights related to the making of the documentary series.

Struga small.jpg

I showed both the trailer for the series and the first episode of The Geospatial Revolution. I explained the genesis and goals of The Geospatial Revolution and some of the challenges of the production. I also discussed how we integrated geospatial technologies within the video.

In addition to recording interviews and supporting footage for each episode, we also used the technologies we were explaining as visuals within the piece itself. The zoom that opens the episode is a perfect example of a mix of techniques. It is a combination of acquired animations, satellite imagery and footage we recorded, all working together to create a seamless sequence.

I also discussed how the Haiti story showed viewers how geospatial technologies are used to literally save lives.

I've met some very interesting and really nice people within the GIS community and learned about how various countries in the region are using GIS. I am excited about learning more as the week goes on.


Macedonia is a beautiful country and a well-kept secret!

Cheraine Stanford-Producer/Co-Director, The Geospatial Revolution

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