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Back from NASA

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We were able to interview Jim Irons at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD yesterday. He was wonderful! And what an amazing campus!
I do regret not purchasing any astronaut ice cream...

Whew! Long, but GREAT Day!

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We started out in Gettysburg, PA at UPS seeing how their package centers use geospatial technology. (Part of that included the crew riding around in a package car--no air conditioning in 95 degree heat! How do the UPS drivers do it?!) Then we headed to Timonium, MD to the UPS mapping hub where their team works on making pristine maps. We had a great conversation with Jack Levis, and he told us all about how UPS uses geospatial information throughout their business.
Off to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center tomorrow.

Episode 1 is Officially in Post Production!

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Editing on Episode 1 has officially begun!
Editor Greg Feinberg has hit the ground running, as this will be a sprint to the finish! Writer/Director Stephen Stept is feverishly keeping pace. (And doing a great job, might I add.)
And the producing team is drafting off the leaders!
Mark your calendars--Episode 1 Releases September 15!

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