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Project updates!

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We interviewed Cliff Fox and Bob Denaro of NAVTEQ. They shared some great stories with us!

Writer/Director Stephen Stept is currently writing the first episode. Comes out September 15!

Stephen Stept

The Geospatial Revolution team in Portland!

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The Geospatial Revolution team had a great time in Portland learning about how the city uses geospatial technologies

Oregon Plane.JPG

Portland Beauty

Portland beauty.JPG

Recording in Portland

Recording in Portland.JPG

Thanks to Mike Unsworth and Reid Beels for their time

Reid Beels.JPGMike Unsowrth.JPG

Jack Dangermond at ESRI in Redlands, CA

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More updates!

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Michael Jones and John Hanke of Google were fantastic. Great trip to the Bay Area.

Off to interview Jack Dangermond at ESRI today.

And the crew is doing well in Portland.



More Sunny California!

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The team spent two days with the Redlands, CA Police Dept. Everyone there was great and gave us a full view of how they use geospatial and GIS to enhance their work. Chief Jim Buerrmann and Lieutenant Chris Catren were especially generous with their time. Only downside was the 110 degree heat. Pretty tough when you¹re in the back of a patrol car. On to Portland, Oregon, where it¹s 30 degrees cooler, to grab three days of shooting in the two we have scheduled.


Stay tuned

Stephen Stept

Great interviews at the ESRI User Conference!

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Great interviews at the ESRI User Conference! Thank you everyone!

 - Karen Siderelis, Dept of Interior's Geospatial Information Officer

- H. E. Rashed Al Mansouri, General Manager, Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Center

- Allen Carroll, Chief Cartographer for National Geographic Society

- Richard Saul Wurman, Author and Creator of TED conferences

- Dave Cowen, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of South Carolina

- Kurt Smith, San Diego County Sheriff's Dept. 

- Jan Van Sickle, Author, Educator, Land Surveying Guru, and Penn State prof

- Kass Green, Remote Sensing Rock Star (I believe Directions first called her this!)

- Joe Francica, Directions Mag

- Adena Schutzberg, Directions Mag and Penn State prof

- Drew Stephens, GIS Institute

- Tim Trainor, US Census

- Bill Davenhall, ESRI or is it now esri?

Also, Stephanie Ayanian was interviewed in the live veryspatial podcast on Wednesday evening. (veryspatial crew--thanks for including me!)


We are now in Redlands talking to the police department about how they use geospatial technology.


More later,







Geospatial Revolution Team in California!

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We have arrived in sunny San Diego to set up for a whirlwind of interviews! Very exciting!

We have a mini studio set up at the ESRI User Conference at the Marriott Hotel and Marina, and we are interviewing 13 people over Tuesday and Wednesday.

We'll send more updates as we can.

Thanks for following!


Producer's Log--June 29 & 30, 2010

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On June 29, 2010, we were in Quantico, Virginia, interviewing Craig Clarke and Captain Arturo Derryberry who used Ushahidi's information for the earthquake response in Haiti.

On June 30, 2010, we were at ESRI in Vienna, Virginia, interviewing Dr. Walter Scott from DigitalGlobe and Kate Chapman from OpenStreetMap.

Then we moved on to GeoEye in Sterling, Virginia, and interviewed Matt O'Connell from GeoEye and Kevin Pomfret from the Centre for Spatial Law and Policy.

It was a very busy two days, but some amazing interviews.

So excited for the September 15 release!

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