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A while ago, Jude defended his sister when Chris corrected her.  Now Karenna tried to pay the favor.  I found Jude on the couch in Karenna's boots writing on his hands with a pen...

Me: Jude your sister's boots look lovely on you, but you really shouldn't be writing on yourself in pen.
[Since, no objection to the word "lovely" was raised, I'll assume that one does not offend his concepts of adjectives and gender.]
Karenna: Daddy said he's not allowed to write on the couch.
Me: He's not allowed to write on his arm either.

Jude was at a birthday party today.  I'm pretty sure he had already told the boy, the boy's grandma, and several of his friends, what we were getting him for a present before he left preschool on Friday.

You see, with Karenna, we'd play a little brainwashing game where I'd wrap a gift in front of her and no matter what it was, I'd call it a lump of coal and maker her repeat that:

Me: What did we get Daddy? A lump of...
Karenna: A lump of coal.
Me: What is it really?
Karenna: It's a lump of coal.

With Jude, however, the stubborn little guy refuses to play along.  It upsets his reality:

Me: What did we get your friend? It's a lump of coal.
Jude: No, it's Star Wars people.
Me: I know that, but we can't say that until he opens the present. We say lump of coal.  It's a lump of coal.
Jude (getting angry): No, it's not.
Me (attempting a compromise): How about we say it's a surprise?
Jude: No!

So, when we get to the party, I find that little boys and girls are all fighting to reveal their gifts to the birthday boy.  One little boy goes to far, nearly pulling the gift out and revealing it.  His mother takes him away, leaving the gift behind.  That's where my boys comes in...

Jude (reaching into the other boy's gift bag to take a peak): It's a Spiderman!

The kids came in from outside after playing with one of Jude's toy lightsabers.

Jude: Daddy, look (pronounced "wook"), a bug!
Chris: Why is there a dead grasshopper in your lightsaber?
Karenna (answering on his behalf, in typical older sister fashion): Because he had to save me from it.

Karenna got a nail painting kit for her birthday.  She has been very excited to play with it.  So has Jude.

Karenna: You can't play with my toy.  It's my present.  And besides, boys don't get their nails painted.
Jude: Well, when I'm a girl, I can!

Similarly, Karenna used to ask for a little sister.  I would give her many reasons why she couldn't have one: she's have to share her room, her toys, etc.

Me: Besides, you have a baby brother.  Isn't that enough?
Karenna: Well, when we're done with Jude, can I have a baby sister?

Me (in a moment of pride):  I've always wanted a good little girl like you and here you are five years old.  Karenna, I'm so proud of you!
Karenna: And did you always want a bad little boy like Jude?
Me (on the spot, taking a moment to think): I was pleasantly surprised.  I never knew how much a bad little boy like Jude would grow on me.

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