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Karenna and her friend we playing in the living room while Jude was cleaning up the art bin.  The next thing a I knew, I saw Jude toss a Superman folder and hit Karenna's friend in the head.

"Jude," I yelled.  "We don't throw things in the living room!  You just hit Karenna's friend on the head. Now give her a hug and tell her you are sorry."

He hugged her and we could tell he felt bad. "I'm sorry.  I wasn't trying to hurt you, I just wanted see if I could make it fly."

Now that I thought about it, he probably thought it was shaped like a paper airplane, though in my opinion it was too heavy and lacked an aerodynamic shape.

"No, Jude!" said firmly to get the notion out of his head, "Your folder does not fly in this living room.  You can hurt someone."

Then he responded like a smart-ass, "Well technically, mom, it is Superman, so it does."


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Jude has been singing a lot of Kindergarten songs lately.  When he tires of the words that they use in school, he makes up his own new words to them.  Mixed in with his kindergarten songs, though, is his new-found interest in The Clash, particularly the song Bankrobber.

On the way home from dropping Karenna off at ballet, Jude began to sing "My Daddy was a bankrobber but he never hurt nobody, He just loved to live that way and he loved to steal your money."

"Your daddy's not a bankrobber though," I said.

"No," he answered, as if I were an idiot for asking such a thing.

"What does your daddy do?" I asked. 

This question wasn't quite as easy.  Whenever non-IT people ask what Chris does, I'm always tempted to translate.  My latest version is part translation of Chris jargon and part teasing him when I say, "You know how you're on the phone and you keep pressing numbers thinking, For the love of God, just let me talk to a real person? Well part of Chris's job is to program things like that to keep you from talking to real people."

Jude has been to Chris's office once or twice and has seen the test phones lined up on his desk and another desk nearby.  I was fairly certain he remembers this.  I also know that he's aware that his dad does something with computers.

I waited for Jude's response...

"My dad pays bills," he answered.  (Um... daddy was a bill-payer but he never hurt nobody. He just loved to live that way, and he loved to steal my money.)

Easily Amused.

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Jude was sent to his room for not listening and for talking back.  After his dad left he waited a few minutes and came out to talk to me:

Jude (thinking of what to say):  Um... I forget how to clean up.
Me (amused at this, getting ready to take notes for this blog): What's there to forget? You take the crap that's on your floor and you shove it in a toybox.
Jude (whining): Well, there's too many stuff and it takes a long long time and I hate that
[I laugh.]
Jude (frustrated): I'm serious.

He stomps off.  Later, I hear that he has turned on his radio.  It's Nirvana's "All Apologies".  I'm thinking four is a bit young for teen rebellion.

Jude had a Christmas program for Pre-K on Thursday night.

It was his turn to be on stage as he sang a few songs.  He did a fabulous job; he wasn't shy at all.  All of the kids were very cute, and it was amazing that they were able to perform fourteen songs for an audience of parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and others without any major issues.

It was also our turn this time to try to pick out which little girl was the girl he likes.  Karenna did not sit with us during the show because she wanted to be with her friends and sit near the front of the stage to see her brother, so we had no help identifying her until the end.

Later, Jude told us the story about how he wants to marry this little girl and have 6 children (3 girl babies on a pink team and 3 boy babies on a blue team), this time with a bit more detail than before, "...and the pink and blue teams will fight each other. And when the cry, I will put them back in.  I will give them a ball they can throw and they will keep playing until there is a winner!"

If you read "Nutcracker Tents", you know Jude is very interested in the Nutcracker.  We also brought Jude to Karenna's Nutcracker recital night.  He enjoyed the following:

  • "the Nutcracker action figure"
  • the battle scene (He wants a Mouse king costume and a Nutcracker prince costume so he and his cousin Lukey can fight.)
  • looking for people he knows, like family, neighbors, and friends

For example, after Karenna performed the party scene of the Nutcracker, she returned to the audience with us and looked at the program with me.  Karenna and I spotted the name of one little girl in particular.

"Isn't that [little girl from new daycare]?" I asked Karenna.

Jude had a crush on a little girl from his old daycare for about a year and a half.  He wasn't even three when he first started telling us he wanted to marry this little girl.  For his fourth birthday party she was on his short list of invitees, because "She is both pretty and beautiful!"

All summer, he would talk about her even though he hasn't seen her in months.  He would mention Halloween when he wore his Bumblebee costume and what she said about his mask.  (He still remembers it even though there has been another Halloween since then.)

But something has changed.  In the months since, he has mentioned another little girl.  One who plays the things he likes to play.  I started hearing this name a lot.  Until eventually this girl became the replacement wife.

"I am going to marry [little girl from new daycare]," Jude said, "and we are going to have 3 boys and 3 girls.  And the boys will be on the blue team.  And the girls can be on the pink team."  (I'm not sure what exactly this meant, but I do know he has plans to stay at home with them.)

"Guess what, Jude," Karenna said, "[Little girl from new daycare] is in Act II."

During Act II we tried to point her out to him, but she was tiny and toward the back.  And he was tiny and sitting low in his chair.  I asked him to sit in my lap.  He had to move all of his stuff to his dad first.  By the time he had done this and sat in my lap, she was tiptoeing off stage.  He was disappointed.

"Oh, Jude," I tried to console him, "Maybe you will run into her when we leave at the end of the show.  Just be a good boy and hang on until them."

He was disappointed, but this advice seemed to help a bit.  I looked aback a few times and he seemed to be still interested in the show, lulled by the music.  Maybe a bit too lulled.  He was asleep by the time it ended.

We got him into his coat and to the doors without much of a stir.  As we were headed out the doors a little girl passed us.

Karenna jumped up and yelled tugging at Jude's leg, "Jude, it's her! It's her! It's [little girl from new daycare]!"

Not a peep.

Then we got to the car where the cold woke him up.  Karenna told him he missed out.  The cold, the sleepiness, and the missed opportunity got to him.  He bawled.

I felt like he was in a Peanuts cartoon. Poor little guy.

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