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Jude has been really into Plants vs. Zombies lately, so I had to tease him:

"Jude, if you like zombies so much, why don't we get a zombie for a pet.  He could be your own pet zombie."

"Noooo!" he replied.

"But he could sleep in your room.  In your bed..."

"No, he will eat my brains," he said stubbornly.

"Not if you feed him well before bed," I tried to assure him, "We'll just have brains for dinner every night."

"Eww! Brains are disgusting."

At this point Karenna added her own dead-pan sense of humor (like the time she convinced her cousin we got our drinking water from the toilet), "Actually, pickled brains are pretty good.  Have you ever had them?"

"I prefer, mine barbecued myself," I said.  And then I noticed that Jude left is backpack in the kitchen... "Jude, you left you backpack in here.  Is it edible?  Did you want us to have a side of backpack with our pickled brains tonight?"

He dropped his DS and ran into the kitchen, "Nooooooooooo!!!!!!"

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Jude never took to art when he was little.  He has been holding a pencil the right way since he was one, but it wasn't until kindergarten that he took an active interest in pen and paper activities.

Lately he makes toys out of paper.  He made is own desk (and was disappointed when I yelled at him for gluing it to his bedroom wall).  He made paper action figures for every Batman character.  And he has been making life-sized costumes for himself (which is like having a five-year old self-dressing paper doll).  He even made a Batman costume and mask.  (Any guesses what character he's been into all fall?)

So now that Christmas is approaching, the Grinch has replaced Batman.  We watch movies during the day.  We read the story at bedtime.  We do this all over again the next day.  It was no surprise when he came home from a stay-over at Pop-Pop and Judoo's with a bag of papers loosely attached to one another with painter's tape that he called his "Grinch costume".

Jude began to put this costume and sing songs.  He went to show his dad.  Then he came over to show me.  "Jude, show Mommy what you have on your feet.  Show Mommy the shoes," Chris said.

Jude put his right foot up on the couch and I saw a strip of painter's tape which may or may not have even had a piece of paper attached to it.  (If it did, it was so little I didn't even notice it.)  He grinned his Grinchy grin and said, "two sizes too small."
Every morning we try to get Jude moving, but with great difficulty.   We usually try being extra silly to curb his crankiness.

I stopped in Jude's room and overhead Jude say, "Dad, see it's not your Mario shirt; you're wearing that one to work!"

"Oh, I just forgot to put my Mario shirt on," is what I think Chris said, "Maybe if you hurry up and wear it before me I won't be able to wear it."

I chimed in as Karenna walked in behind me, "Karenna are you wearing your pants or Jude's today?"  Karenna likes to play along.

Jude said, "I am going to put on my own pants today!"

"Okay, well, Karenna has her own pants on and I have mine, so I guess today is Wear Your Own Pants Day!"

"Wear Your Own Pants Day?" Karenna asked.

"Yep.  So when you see your friends at school wearing their own pants make sure you tell them Happy Wear Your Own Pants Day!"

"I can't tell them that!" she said. "I'll get in trouble!"


"You can't say 'wear your own pants' in school."

"Why not? They do it every day? And how do you know?  I was a teacher.  I should know what was allowed."

"Things have changed since back then.  My teacher will send me to the principal."

At this point Jude told not to bother his sister.

"What if I emailed your teacher?" I asked. "And I explained that it was Wear Your Own Plants Day?"

"Don't do that, mom!" she said. "You can't do that! That's wasting the Internet."

Karenna: I am handsome.
Jude: No, I am handsome.
Karenna: You can be pretty.
Jude: No, daddy and I are handsome. You are pretty.
Me: I'll solve this:  I can be all the pretty and Karenna and Jude will have to share handsome. (to Karenna): You get half a handsome.  (to Jude): You get half a handsome.
Karenna (having fun with it): I-m not just half a handsome.  I'm hansome and pretty and beautiful.
Jude (getting irritated): No! Daddy and I are handsome.  Karenna and mommy are girls.  You girls are pretty.
Karenna (correcting Jude): Girls and boys can be handsome, Jude.
Me: Jude, you have to share handsome with Daddy so you are half a handsome.  Karenna, you can't have all three.  I just gave handsome to Jude and Daddy, so you can either be pretty or beautiful, but you can't be both.  I can be beautiful and you can be pretty if you want.
Karenna: I'll be beautiful.
Me: Okay.
Karenna: Because it has more letters.
Me: Of course.
Jude (getting more angry): I am NOT half-a-handsome!
Karenna: Yes you are.
Me: Do you want to be "hand" or "some"?  How about "some".
Karenna: Either way it's only four letters.

..after an awkward pause...
Me (to Karenna): I guess if you want to be pretty and beautiful I suppose we could split them both.  Do you want pret-tiful or beau-ty?
Karenna: Um, I'll be prettiful.  It has more letters.

We took my kids (Karenna and Jude) plus my cousin's two girls to the circus.  The older girl liked the animal acts.  The younger one liked the female acrobats.  There was also a man who pretended the real acrobats were not there and clowned around on the trampoline until he finally did some fancy flips.  Here are my observations:

  1. Once Jude is more of a handful than the three girls combined (and one of them is still in diapers).
  2. For example, he took off his shirt outside in the rain and ran around in the parking lot.
  3. Things you have to say at dinner with kids 5 & under include: "We don't show each other our underpants at the dinner table."
  4. Karenna is getting good at tricking people.
  5. Leave it to her dad to teach her this.  When they went to pick up a pizza and the girls wanted soda, he told Karenna's cousin. "No we have water at home. We get it out of the toilet."  Karenna, totally serious, said, "Yeah, we do."
  6. She has equally mastered detecting when someone is tricking her.  "That guy on the trampoline was really an acrobat," she told us later.

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