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Several months ago after starting to listen to the They Might Be Giants Friday Night Family Podcast, Karenna begged to have her own podcast.  So she and I completed Karenna Can Read, Epidose #1, a podcast where Karenna talks about her favorite books.  We became slackers, and never got around to an episode #2.

When talk of doing another podcast came around again, another little buddy wanted to contribute.  "I want a podcats!" Jude said.

"You mean podcast," Karenna corrected.

"That's what I said," Jude replied, sounding frustrated, "pod-cats."

So I asked the kids what they would choose as their podcast topic.  Jude wanted The Goonies.  Karenna wanted Doctor Who.  Then Karenna suggested a topic that allowed them to both reach agreement.  The result is this Karenna and Jude (Pod-Cats), Episode #1.

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