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Karenna is finished with her ballet classes for summer.  What does she do in the days after her spring recital?  She makes a "dance school" for her family and kids in the neighborhood.

Her and her dance classmate/neighbor have been outside, making signs, banners and recital backdrops for their dance school.  I even found enrollment papers.  So far they have enrolled me (for ballet), Chris (for modern--he says he's been practicing his back walkovers), her friend from first grade, the neighbor's little sister, and a few neighbor boys (I think).

Here are the results of their work so far:


Director Karenna

  1. Modern can wear anything.
  2. Ballet wear black and pink. Or just one color.
  3. Mondern flip flops and flat feet.
  4. Ballet pointed toes and no flips.


  1. No chowing gum in class.
  2. No fighting with things.
  3. Ballet wear your her in a bunn unless boy.
  4. Modern keep hair down.
  5. You can only have a ten minute.


  1. Modern
  2. Learical
  3. Ballet
  4. Tap
  5. Point
  6. Classic Ballet

Check all the classes you want.


Director Karenna

  • Don't think dance class is a joke.
  • No running around the classroom.
  • It is ok if you mess up.


When did my baby start to write so well?


When Jude gave this to me, I wore it to drop Karenna off at her Friday night dance class.  Karenna wanted to touch the cereal beads, and then she squeezed one until it nearly broke, crushing a crumb from it.

Me: Karenna, please don't break my necklace.  Your brother made it for me.
Karenna (sighing and rolling her eyes): Sor-RY.
Jude (outraged, fists shaking): Karenna, don't break that necklace! I worked hard on that.  I had to put on cereal, cereal, cereal, noodle, noodle, noodle, cereal, noodle, cereal, noodle, cereal, noodle, cereal, noodle, cereal, noodle...

Notice that she even drew my green iPod on her card to me.

Jude's occupational therapist has a heck of a time getting him to slow down when he writes his name so that he does it legibly.  When he does, it's hard to get him to do it more than once.

So when I picked him up at daycare, I was surprised to learn that if he has free time, some crayons, and the right source material, he will write these names very nicely.  In fact, I had to confirm several times that these were, in fact, Jude's handy work:


(As you may recall, he's been transcribing podcasts as well.)

In 2007, Jude and his cousin wanted Darth Vader and Spiderman.  In 2008, Jude, Karenna, and I did Batman, the Joker, and a few little friends.

This year Jude wanted X-Men for Halloween, so Karenna picked Rogue, while Jude and I worked on a two-sided pumpkin with Wolverine and Cyclops on it...



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