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Jude has been really into Plants vs. Zombies lately, so I had to tease him:

"Jude, if you like zombies so much, why don't we get a zombie for a pet.  He could be your own pet zombie."

"Noooo!" he replied.

"But he could sleep in your room.  In your bed..."

"No, he will eat my brains," he said stubbornly.

"Not if you feed him well before bed," I tried to assure him, "We'll just have brains for dinner every night."

"Eww! Brains are disgusting."

At this point Karenna added her own dead-pan sense of humor (like the time she convinced her cousin we got our drinking water from the toilet), "Actually, pickled brains are pretty good.  Have you ever had them?"

"I prefer, mine barbecued myself," I said.  And then I noticed that Jude left is backpack in the kitchen... "Jude, you left you backpack in here.  Is it edible?  Did you want us to have a side of backpack with our pickled brains tonight?"

He dropped his DS and ran into the kitchen, "Nooooooooooo!!!!!!"

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