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Jude, Karenna, and I were deciding where to go for dinner.  Karenna wanted to go to Red Lobster to order crab legs and see the lobster tank.  "Noooo! I don't want to go there. I don't want to eat a lobster, "Jude vehemently disagreed. 

I assumed it was because he was being sensitive about eating things that were once alive.  Ever since he's been hanging out at Aunt Cathie's playing with her pets (a pig, a duck, a turtle, and a bunny), he has been very adamant about not eating animals.  I pointed out that he eats chicken, turkey, hamburgers, and hot dogs, but this only led him to refine his rule.  "Okay, we can eat those," he conceded, "but we can't eat animals if they were people's pets and they have a name."

When Karenna said she wanted to hunt, Jude refined the rule more, "We don't shoot our food with guns.  We can buy it at the store."  When I told him that the meat he eats at stores is killed also, he told me, "Well, if someone on a farm or in a store kills it, that is fine.  But we, the people in this family, don't shoot animals."

So initially I assumed that his hang-up with Red Lobster was with eating something that was once alive, but I found out that there more to it when I told him he didn't have to eat a lobster.  "I'm afraid of lobsters," he told me, "Lobsters eat people."  Every time we tried to set the record straight, Jude would stop us.  "You're going to give me nightmares about lobsters. Please stop!"

When we realized he was getting too worked up over this, we finally gave up and and made another suggestion, "How about Applebees?"

His eyes got wide as he gave us a look of sheer terror, "Are there bees there?"

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