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Jude never took to art when he was little.  He has been holding a pencil the right way since he was one, but it wasn't until kindergarten that he took an active interest in pen and paper activities.

Lately he makes toys out of paper.  He made is own desk (and was disappointed when I yelled at him for gluing it to his bedroom wall).  He made paper action figures for every Batman character.  And he has been making life-sized costumes for himself (which is like having a five-year old self-dressing paper doll).  He even made a Batman costume and mask.  (Any guesses what character he's been into all fall?)

So now that Christmas is approaching, the Grinch has replaced Batman.  We watch movies during the day.  We read the story at bedtime.  We do this all over again the next day.  It was no surprise when he came home from a stay-over at Pop-Pop and Judoo's with a bag of papers loosely attached to one another with painter's tape that he called his "Grinch costume".

Jude began to put this costume and sing songs.  He went to show his dad.  Then he came over to show me.  "Jude, show Mommy what you have on your feet.  Show Mommy the shoes," Chris said.

Jude put his right foot up on the couch and I saw a strip of painter's tape which may or may not have even had a piece of paper attached to it.  (If it did, it was so little I didn't even notice it.)  He grinned his Grinchy grin and said, "two sizes too small."

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