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I was worried about how Jude would do in Kindergarten, so when Kindercamp began, I wasn't expecting perfect behavior.  He started to tell me stories about this bad boy who called the teachers "Stupid Girls", told people to "shut up" and kicked.

"Who is this boy?  What is his name?" I asked, hoping he wasn't telling me stories of things he had done.

"Stick," he told me.

"Are you sure that's his name.  Jude are you sure he's real?  You're not just making him up, are you? Is Stick pretend?" I asked hoping he hadn't invented an imaginary friend to take the blame for something he did.

"No," Jude showed his frustration.  His voice was raised and his eyes got big.  "He's real!  His name is stick."

The next day he said, "Mom, I was wrong.  His name's not Stick; it's... um... um... I forget.  But it's not Stick."

We now refer to him as The Boy Who Is Not Stick.  I just hope when he points him out to me, he says, "that's the boy who's not Stick," instead of "that's the bad boy".

It started with an action figure I made dance to Right Said Fred, then it evolved to calling everyone Fred.  Karenna was Fred and Jude was other Fred.  I told them it would be less confusing that way.  (A Monty Python/Hollywood Bowl reference, I know.)

Then the kids called us Fred. And we called their second cousins Fred.  Then Karenna's ballet friend was Fred.  Then Fred's cousin started hanging around--Chris named her Charlie.

Charlie pretended not to like this nickname.  She pretended to smack him.  She called him Snoozy.

But then she began summoning all the other neighborhood children over to get their new names.  Another girl that went to dance with Karenna and Charlie was named Ryan.  The third grader neighbor boy was now Shelly and his first grader brother was Hotshot Nancy.  And another one of Karenna's dance friends was Harold the chef because she liked to cook.

So when a friend from Karenna's first grade class (a mutual friend of Charlie) came to visit Karenna, it wasn't surprising that this happened:

Karenna's Friend: I heard that [neighbor known as Charlie] calls your dad Snoozy.
Karenna: Yeah, he calls her Charlie.
Karenna's Friend: He calls her Charlie?
Me (to Karenna's friend): Yeah, Chris and Charlie rename everyone.
Karenna (to her friend): They named you Crazy Eddie.

After Jude's birthday and Jude's party, Jude started to think that every day was his special day.  There was Jude's pre-k graduation, Jude's first day of kindercamp, and Jude's first day of tee-ball.  He loved telling everyone, "You have to be nice to me because today is my special day."

Finally when there was a day that didn't seem so special, Jude asked Chris, "Daddy will you tell my teacher that it's my special day and everyone should be nice?"

"Jude, it's not your special day anymore," Chris said, "bit everyone should be nice to everyone else everyday."

"I had a whole bunch of shots.  It's my special day."

They agreed to tell the teacher he had 5 shots and his arm was sore.

Mario Party

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Jude had a Super Mario-themed party, complete with Mario warp pipe cake, power-up cupcakes, Koopa shell watermelon fruit salad, chocolate coins, marinated mushrooms, and Italian beef.

Here are some pictures from Jude's Mario Birthday Party:


DSC00128.JPGThumbnail image for DSC00134.JPG

For more birthday theme fun, see:

Karenna is finished with her ballet classes for summer.  What does she do in the days after her spring recital?  She makes a "dance school" for her family and kids in the neighborhood.

Her and her dance classmate/neighbor have been outside, making signs, banners and recital backdrops for their dance school.  I even found enrollment papers.  So far they have enrolled me (for ballet), Chris (for modern--he says he's been practicing his back walkovers), her friend from first grade, the neighbor's little sister, and a few neighbor boys (I think).

Here are the results of their work so far:


Director Karenna

  1. Modern can wear anything.
  2. Ballet wear black and pink. Or just one color.
  3. Mondern flip flops and flat feet.
  4. Ballet pointed toes and no flips.


  1. No chowing gum in class.
  2. No fighting with things.
  3. Ballet wear your her in a bunn unless boy.
  4. Modern keep hair down.
  5. You can only have a ten minute.


  1. Modern
  2. Learical
  3. Ballet
  4. Tap
  5. Point
  6. Classic Ballet

Check all the classes you want.


Director Karenna

  • Don't think dance class is a joke.
  • No running around the classroom.
  • It is ok if you mess up.


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Some random quotes from Jude:
  • "You guys are not listening to me, and now you have consequences (pronounced console-trenches)."
  • "Karenna, you should share with me. You're being inappropriate."
  • "We're playing Star Wars guys and they are meeting at the Jedi Cancel."

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