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I took Jude to his room and read him his bedtime story.  He curled and grabbed his "pilly" and balled up the end of his pillowcase with his little fist so that he would be able to fall asleep while sniffing it.

I gave him a hug, kissed him on the temple and said, "I love you Jude."  Then I waited, wondering if he would say anything back or if he was already asleep.

He turned to me, eyes twinkling, and grinned so that his dimples showed.  He opened his mouth wide, full of baby teeth, as if to speak, and...

He let out a burp.  Then he giggled and said "excuse me".  I smiled to myself.  It wasn't "I love you," but it's enough for me that he is who he is.


When did my baby start to write so well?


When Jude gave this to me, I wore it to drop Karenna off at her Friday night dance class.  Karenna wanted to touch the cereal beads, and then she squeezed one until it nearly broke, crushing a crumb from it.

Me: Karenna, please don't break my necklace.  Your brother made it for me.
Karenna (sighing and rolling her eyes): Sor-RY.
Jude (outraged, fists shaking): Karenna, don't break that necklace! I worked hard on that.  I had to put on cereal, cereal, cereal, noodle, noodle, noodle, cereal, noodle, cereal, noodle, cereal, noodle, cereal, noodle, cereal, noodle...

Notice that she even drew my green iPod on her card to me.

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