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...but not too fast.

Jude: Dad, Mom, sometime before I am big can I go outside without my coat on?
Me: How does summertime sound?

Chris makes his own soft pretzels from his sourdough starter.  He gave a pretzel to each kid, which made them very happy.

"Yummy pretzels," Jude responded, "they're good for my belly button!"

Jude got a bath and washed his hair.  When he came out he said, as he motioned with his hands, his eyes wide, "Okay, nobody touch my head right now because my hair is made of water."

This story is from Karenna...

I went over and gave Jude a hug and kiss the other day.  And there was this other first grader girl who came up to me and was like, "Do you like him?"

I'm like, "Uh... he's my brother!"

Yesterday evening was picture day at daycare.  It was also the Friday before Spring Break on campus where we work and hour away... and... a dance night for Karenna at roughly the same time.

How did we manage to be in many places at once?  Well, we back to town through Spring Break traffic in the nick of time.  Chris dropped Karenna off at her modern dance class while I picked up Jude's pictures.  I had just made it to be the last person in line to see my child's pictures.

As I waited to see the pictures, I started up conversation with other mommies and sneaked a few peaks at the pictures ahead of me.  I put a few faces to the names that I heard Jude mention.  One was a boy Jude played with from time to time.  Another was a girl he said had beautiful skin.  If he wasn't going to marry [name of girl he likes], she would have been it.  Then I saw the pictures of the girl he likes.  (Poor Jude missed out by going with his Daddy.)

When Chris came back for me I told Jude about everything I saw:

"Jude, I saw [girl with the beautiful skin]," I told him.  He started to grin. "And then I saw [name of girl he likes]."  He grinned from ear to ear showing dimples and teeth.

"She knocked on our car window and waved at Jude while you were inside," Chris reported.

I took out his pictures and took a good look, sharing them with the family.  I admired his big smile with baby teeth, the dimples.  I looked at his big blues eyes which were squinted because he was smiling so hard.  He was so adorable.

"Jude," I said, "sometimes you are so cute I just can't take it."

"Yeah," he agreed.

"Do the little girls think so?"  I asked teasing him.

"Uh-huh." I wasn't sure if he was still paying attention at this point or not.

"Do they chase you around and try to give you kisses?" I wondered if that would solicited a response that would indicate he wasn't tuning me out.


"I bet you have to shake them off with a stick."

He looked up, he face changed, and he said, "No! Because then they won't be my wife!" 

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