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In 2007, Jude and his cousin wanted Darth Vader and Spiderman.  In 2008, Jude, Karenna, and I did Batman, the Joker, and a few little friends.

This year Jude wanted X-Men for Halloween, so Karenna picked Rogue, while Jude and I worked on a two-sided pumpkin with Wolverine and Cyclops on it...



Halloween Party

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Jude had a Halloween party at Pre-K.  At the end of the day, I picked him up from school, brought him home and asked him about his day.

He told me about some of the thing they did and some of the songs they sang, but then halfway through a thought, he stopped...

"Mom, am I five now that I had my Halloween party?"

(Apparently he still thinks that class parties are his themed birthday parties.)

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