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We got some sad news this week. My grandfather passed away, or as Jude put it, "Grandma Mincin, the boy one, died."

He began to ask questions about death and Heaven.  (The last time we was interested in Heaven before was when he was when he played with our Nativity set and decided that Jesus was the most powerful superhero.)  I began to explain about Heaven and how everyone would be up there with God.

At that point, his eyes got big and round, and his voice--which sounds less and less like a preschooler and more like a big kid--got outraged as he shouted, "Wait... God's dead?!?"

Later at bedtime, he asked more questions about Heaven.

"Where is Heaven?" he asked.

"I don't know."

"What does Heaven look like?"

"I don't know," I told him, "I've never been there."

"Can you show it to me on your computer?"

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