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This weekend Karenna had a ballet perfomance, which means she gets to wear a bit of make-up.  She used to be very excited about the idea, but this time she was in a particularly silly mood.

I tried to round her up from outside play to get her costume and make up and she complained, or rather overacted, "Oh, the torture!"

As I tried to make up her face, she kept up the accusations of torture, alternately looking into the mirror and expressing her dissatisfaction by proclaiming, "I look like a duck."  (I'm not quite sure why she thinks ducks where make-up and to be honest, I forgot to ask.)

Further into my torture techniques, I decided to add a bit of my black eyeliner, so that her eyes could be seen from farther away, and used some steel blue eye color with the eyeliner brush over top of it to lighten it. Apparently, this is what finally broke my subject:

She looked int to the mirror, and in her best imitation of an outraged teenager, told me, "You made me look like I'm from the 70s!"

Where does a five-year-old learn about 70s blue eye shadow anyway?

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