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Karenna came home from school with a discovery...

Karenna: Mom, my friend doesn't know what her middle name is.  She says she doesn't have one, but everyone has one.
Me: Maybe she doesn't.  Not everyone has a middle name.  Some people just have a middle initial.  And your great-grandfather doesn't have a middle name.
Karenna: But everyone has to have a middle name. Or what would parents do when they're bad?

Today, Obama's inauguration day, my daughter said to me (perhaps dismissively), "Mom you look the same as you did when Bush was president."

Santa brought us a Wii for Christmas.  On the way home from work/school the other night, the kids were making plans to play.

Jude: Hey Karenna, do you want to watch a movie?
Karenna: No, why don't we play a game?
Jude: Okay, we can play Lego Star Wars...
Karenna: How about Wii Boxing?
Jude (enthusiastically): Okay, and then I can punch you!
(in agreement): Yeah, I'll beat you!

Epilogue: While playing my daughter informed me she accidentally punched her brother's Mii "in the parts".

Backseat Driver

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Jude has a favorite joke he repeats every day as we head home from work and school as we head up the steepest hill in our neighborhood.  (By the way, this hill is sooo steep that if the weather is bad, we can't climb it in the ice.  We try another way home.)

Jude: Hey, Dad, we're gonna fall off of here!

In the Summer, I attended a work event with many of my Twitter friends.  At the event, we had stickers of our Twitter avatars that we could collect and trade along with fun social networking business cards.  I brought the stickers home and showed the kids.  They loved the avatars of my tweetpeeps.  They would walk around with "Mommy's Twitter People" for days.  Then they lost interest.  It wasn't until recently my tweetpeeps would resurface.

Leaving the house with my kids is like leaving the country.  We even have to make Jude empty his pockets of all items like and do a security screening before taking him to preschool each morning.  Every once in a while if we are in a hurry, he's able to smuggle something by us.  Today, when I picked Jude up, I found out what.

As we were leaving preschool, Jude tugged at my coat.  "Mommy, Mommy, we fregot my Scooby! Mommy we fregot my Scooby," he kept telling me.

"Jude, you didn't bring your Scooby Doo van today.  It's not show-and-tell day," I told him.  Someone gave us this kids' meal toy a while back and I had turned it into a security item.

Then one of his teachers told me that they did have to put a toy in his basket.  He had apparently smuggled it in his pocket.  I reached into his basket, pulled out the van, and found it, but not as it had been when I originally gave it to him.

Scooby, Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Daphne were now accompanied on their ride to preschool with three tweetpeeps: @ndw1, @micala, and @meeshiefeet.  Jude took the van back from me and introduced the tweetpeeps to his friends.

So the big mystery is what did @ndw1, @micala, and @meeshiefeet do all day at preschool and which one drove the Mystery Machine?

Karenna got moved to a new ballet class today; she was switched to a class of six- and seven-year-olds.  Karenna was a bit nervous about being with new kids, especially older ones, so Chris tried to talk to her about it...

Chris: It will be okay.  You are just nervous because this is new.  Do you remember before you started Kindergarten and you were scared of the cafeteria?
Karenna (indignant): I was never scared of the cafeteria!
Chris and I: Yes you were.
Karenna: No I wasn't!
Me: Yes. And I have the blog to prove it.
Karenna (shocked): Get rid of that one.

So there you have it.  This is your official notice of removal.  I'll be removing the post about the cafeteria sometime after everyone gets a chance to read this post.  After all, I should give you sufficient notice. ;)

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