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My son Jude has been really into Star Wars lately.  It has been ingrained in him since birth so it was only a matter of time before it stuck.

My little guy is a light sleeper so when my husband had his turn with him at night he'd put Star Wars on as background until they'd both fall asleep.  Eventually, Jude was as hooked as his daddy.

For Halloween he selected a Darth Vader costume (complete with lightsaber, of course).  For Christmas, he got Galactic Heroes action figures for little kids who still may bite an occasional toy. 

He has two of Jude's favorite Star Wars-related activities:


1. Lightsaber Battles

With the TV on as a guide, he asks you to join him in a lightsaber battle complete with fight choreography.  He fights for a few moments, places the lightsaber on the ground, somersaults over it, and then resumes fighting.

After a while, he "needs a break": He retracts the toy lightsaber, only to muster a very serious game face and flick it once again for dramatic effect.  All quite entertaining.


2. Action Figure Re-enactments

Using the above prechooler-friendly action figures, Jude re-enacts scenes from the movies--or at least that's what I think is happening.  Remember when I said they make these things because kids his age still occasionally put the toys in their mouths?  Guess which action figure lost a hand this way?  (Click here for answer.)


Don't feel too badly for the action figures, though; sometimes they fight back.  I sat on the couch with him as he was playing and he fell on top of the toys.  He got poked by one of them and started crying.

"What happened, Jude?" I asked. 
"Darth Maul got me," he said.


And sometimes, when they are all just tired of fighting, Jude and his action figured re-enact the excitement of his day at preschool:

"Say the pledge (pronounced pwedge) to our flag."
"We don't kick, Count Dooku (pronounced Dount Cooku)."
"We don't say poopiehead."
"You're going to the office (pronounced goin to na oppice)." (This one had been happening quite a bit.)
"Did you go to the potty like a big boy?"

Answer: Luke Skywalker

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