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My interests are in the areas where technology, training, and communication intersect.  I have degrees in both computer science and in education.

Professionally, I have over 14 years experience in education and technology.  I have produced learning objects and programmed educational tools for hundreds of course sections each semester.  I have coordinated faculty and staff training Penn State University Libraries 20+ departments and 30+ library locations.  I have led a unit of educational technologists.  I have taught K-12 students and adult learners.

Personally, I am inspired by the adult learners of my family as well as those with special needs.  I am particularly interested in how we can meet the needs of learners with visual and auditory processing disorders.  Many gifted and talented people with processing difficulties go undiagnosed.  They often become better students later in life as they learn how to adapt. 

My passion is finding ways to present information so that it reaches the widest possible audience.  It is something I have done in every career I have held, whether I have used Web Analytics to assess training materials, created a multimedia learning object, wrote a script for a learning management system, or taught a class of students with special needs.

--Nikki Massaro Kauffman

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