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Lyle N. Long
Distinguished Professor of Aerospace Engineering, and Mathematics
Director, Computational Science Graduate Minor Program
Graduate Program in Neuroscience
Center for Brain, Behavior, and Cognition
Nittany Lion
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Lyle N. Long Welcome !

You can find information on my students, research, teaching, and other things here. Just click on the buttons on the left or the bolded links below. In addition to Aerospace Engineering, I am involved with several other departments at Penn State.

My current research involves: (1) Developing hybrid cognitive systems for robots and unmanned vehicles and (2) Spiking neural networks and learning. There is a complete list of our publications online.

I am Director of the Graduate Minor in Computational Science (with more than 315 graduate students involved since 1999) and the Undergraduate Minor in IST for Aerospace. See my CrossTalk Journal paper on the importance of software education.

If you want to see what the weather is like in central Pennsylvania, you could look out on the campus and Mount Nittany. Or you can take a virtual walk on campus via Google Street View. You might also want to check my Google Scholar page.

(814) 865-1172

New Publications:
  - Software education I
  - Conscious machines!
  - Software Education
  - Spiking Neurons
  - Complete List

My courses:
  - Applied Math (313)
  - OOP & C++ (424)
  - Software Engr. (440)
  - Freshman Sem. (001)
  - Complete List

Recent Graduates:
  - G. Sinsley, Ph.D.
  - S. Hanford, Ph.D.
  - A. Gupta, Ph.D.
  - Complete List