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The basic logic model for the TimeWise curriculum is in Figure 1. Click on the lesson buttons above to view more information about each lesson. NOTE: For some reason this model only is formatted correctly if you use Internet Explorer, not Netscape. I'm working on it!

 Figure 1: TImeWise Logic Model




Lesson 1: Self-awareness of time use and the benefits associated with leisure activities
Lesson 2: Reasons for participating in free time activities
Lesson 3: Recognizing personal interests and managing boredom
Lesson 4: The active pursuit of meaningful activity (decision making and planning) Lesson 5: Managing free time for balance and variety
Lesson 6: Integration of concepts

Awareness & Participation
o  Time spent in healthy activity
o  Participate in new activity
o  Awareness  

Affective Response
o  Boredom/Interest
o  Well-being

 Leisure Skills
o  Initiative
o  Peer influence
o  Planning & decision making
o  Ability to restructure

o  Amotivation
o  External
o  Introjected
o  Identified
o  Intrinsic


Mitigate Initiation of Substance Use


Proximal Outcomes

Distal Outcome














Note: Outcomes in italics were to decrease. The other outcomes were to increase in level due to the intervention.