Leo H. Takahashi

Assistant Professor of Physics, The Pennsylvania State University, Beaver Campus (724)773-3871, email (LHT1@PSU.EDU)

Formerly a Student at three one-room Clay County Missouri country schools (Providence, Ruth Ewing, and Carroll), Liberty Missouri High School, William Jewell Colege, Southern Illinois University, University of Missouri at Rolla, The Pennsylvania State University, Texas A&M University

Research Interest: Physics Education


Physics 211, Introductory Mechanics with Calculus, syllabus (PDF file)

Physics 212, Introductory Electricity and Magnitism with Calculus, syllabus (word document) syllabus (PDF file)

Physics 250 Introductory Physics I (algebra and trig), syllabus (PDF file)

Physics 251 Introductory Physics II (algebra and trig)

Phyiscs 001 Conseceptual Physics for non-science majors

S T S 101H Science, Technology, and Human Values, syllabus (PDF file)

PowerPoint Presentations (with animation)

These open as POWER POINT files if you are using FIREFOX; some will be converted to ZIP files if you are using INTERNET EXPLORER.

A short Power Point Example/Tutorial in Power Point Custom Animation


The Horse Before the Cart (an animated Newton's third law cartoon)

Centripetal Acceleration

Constructing Free-Body Diagrams for Interacting Objects

Eneregy Book-keeping

A Center-of-Mass animated worksheet: Turtle on a Log

Rigid-Body Equilibrium (FBD construction and use)


The Electric Field due to a line of charge

Kirchhoff (Kirchhoff's Laws for d.c. circuits)

Power Point Videos with narration

The Basics of Free-Body Diagram Construction

The Accelerating Wedge

Constructing Free-Body Diagrams for Interacting Objects

Sample Physics 212 Final Exams

Picture of our dog Muffin during a solar eclipse