Outreach and News

March 2019. Yoshi was awarded an Erickson Discovery Grant

March 2019. Alex was selected for the Harold F. Martin Graduate Assistant Outstanding Teaching Award from the Graduate School

February 2019. Our group's paper is published in Nature and featured on the cover
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Penn State News
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November 2018. Lauren was selected for an Army-ECASE (Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers). Penn State News story

November 2018. At Exploration-U in Bellfonte, we showcased the properties of interfacial tension of liquids using detergents and emulsions and conducted boat races powered by spreading soap films. The event was attended by several hundred elementary-aged students and parents from the area along with other demonstrators from across STEM departments at PSU.

October 2018. Lauren was selected for an ACS Petroleum Research Fund Doctoral New Investigator grant

July 2018. Sonic volunteered as a science mentor for BBVS (Bureau of Blindness and Visual Services) Summer Academy at Penn State. Here, he is mentoring students in a forensic science activity to analyze evidence gathered at a mock crime scene. He also won an award for this involvement as a science mentor.

July 2018. The Zarzar group designed and led activities at the Make It Matter summer camp at Penn State. The activies taught high school students about surface tension, surfactants, and emulsions, and how that fundamental science relates to the current research on responsive fluids in the lab.

July 2018. Caleb volunteered at the Central PA Arts fest running a booth making Oobleck (mix of cornstarch and water) demonstrating how certain fluids can have non-Newtonian viscosities. There were over 1000 kids in attendance that day.

July 2018. Lauren was selected for the ARO Young Investigator award.

May 2018. Ashley was selected for the ACS Scholars Program

April 2018. Lauren, who is one of the Directors of WISDOM, took part in a local outreach event to discuss women's participation in STEM.

April 2018. Sonic volunteered with the MRSEC at the USA Science and Engineering Festival in DC. He demonstrated light lithography using acrylic stencils made using a laser cutter and solar paper

April 2018. Lauren was selected for a 3M Non-Tenured Faculty Award

March 2018. Caleb was awarded a fellowship from the NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium

October 2017. Cody's poster was voted top 5 at PSU's Materials Day