Lawrence C. Ragan, Ph.D.

(a.k.a. Larry Ragan)


Lawrence Ragan
Director- Instructional Design & Development
Continuing and Distance Education/World Campus

Penn State University
222H Outreach Bldg.
University Park, PA

Phone: (814) 863-3114, FAX 814-863-2362

Lawrence C. Ragan Vitae


"Effective Workload Management Strategies for the Online Environment" (link to download research project report)
Addendum (non-published RTF)

Materials available for downloads:

Strategies for Helping Faculty to Manage the Online Workload (Powerpoint)

Workshop Feedback
SIGUCCS Pre-conference Workshop Feedback (Baltimore 10/04)
EDUCAUSE Pre-conference Workshop Feedback (Anaheim 11/03) (RTF)
ALN Pre-conference Workshop Feedback (Orlando 11/03) (RTF)
CADE Pre-conference Workshop Feedback (Toronto 5/29/04) (RTF)


Building the Online Learning Community
co-presenter Dr. Steve Tello
What Faculty Want
ALN Annual Conference
Orlando, Florida
November 17, 2005

Dances with Faculty (pre-conference workshop)
Quality Matters in Online Education
co-presenter Dr. Chris Sax
EDUCAUSE Annual Conference
Orlando, Florida
October 18, 2005

EDUCAUSE Institute Instructional Technology Leadership (ITL) Program (link to program site)
State College, PA
July 10-14, 2005

Meeting the Challenges of Professional Development for Distance Educators with Daph Crane (Powerpoint)
What Faculty Want with Denise Nelson (Powerpoint)
Workshop Feedback (txt)
Course Management Strategies (Powerpoint)
CADE Conference
May, 2005
Vancouver, Canada

Design for Success (pre-conference workshop and Workshop feedback txt )
What Faculty Want (Powerpoint)
Dances with Faculty (Keynote Presentation)
Campus Saskatschewan--Teaching, Learning & Technology (TLt ) 2005: Transitions & Transformation
Regina, Canada
May 1 - 3

Pedagogy 102 for Distance Learning (satelilite broadcast--link to program site)
Dallas TeleLearning
April 21, 2005

Design for Successing Distance Education
University of Oklahoma
April 14

Designing for Success in the Online Environment (Powerpoint)
Workshop Feedback
Halifax, Canada
April 12, 2005

Uncovering Faculty Success (Powerpoint and Workbook)
March 2005

Dances with Faculty: Elements of Success (pre-conference workshop)
Fine-tuning the Instructional Design System

Lawerence C. Ragan and Rick Shearer
ALN Conference
Novembr 12, 2004 Orlando

Issues and Strategies for the Design & Development of Online Learning (pre-conference workshop)
October 19, 2004

Dances with Faculty (Keynote Presentation)
Empowering Success in the Online Environment
(pre-conference workshop)
Frederick, New Brunswick, CA
October 16-19, 2004

Research Initiatives in On-Line Faculty Engagement (pre-conference workshop)
Lawwrence C. Ragan and Meolody Thompson
Outreach Scholarship Conference
State College, Pa
October 10, 2004

Helping Faculty Manage the Online Workload (Powerpoint)
CADE 2003
June, 2003
St. John's, Newfoundland

Defining Quality Standards for Online Education
EDUCAUSE 2002 Pre-conference Workshop
Atlanta, Georgia
Noel Estabrook and Lawrence C. Ragan
September 30, 2002
Workshop Resources:
Michigan Virtual University Tools and Materials
Penn State Standards (under development)

I Know It when I See It: Defining Quality Standards for Online Education
CADE 2002 Pre-conference Workshop and Presentation
Calgary, Canada
May, 2002

¿Por Qué los Profesores usan y no usan la Tecnología?
Garantizando que las tecnologías instruccionales le sean útiles
Elementos básicos de la Educación a Distancia
Faculty Development Workshop (12/01)
Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela

2 FAQs: How Much and How Long? (Ragan)
2 FAQs: How Much and How Long? (Corrigan)
EDUCAUSE 2001 Preconference Workshop
Indianapolis, Indiana
October 29, 2001

Designed for Success: Issues and Strategies for Managing the Development of Online Learning
EDUCAUSE 2001 Preconference Workshop
Lawwrence C. Ragan and Peter Williams
Indianapolis, Indiana
October 28, 2001

Instructional Strategies for Online Success
Outreach Scholarship 2001
Holly Brekreitz and Lawrence C. Ragan
October 14-16, 2001
State College, Pennsylvania

We Are-ID&D
Overview of the Instructional Design and Development unit of Penn State's World Campus

From Full to Self Serve:The World Campus ID&D Model (Powerpoint)
Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT) Center Symposium
April 16, 2001
Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Perceptional Gaps of Online Education (Powerpoint)
April 4, 2001
International Council for Distance Education (ICDE)
Dusseldorf, Germany

Faculty Development for On-line Educators (PowerPoint)
Faculty Development Plan 2000-2001 (Word)
January 9, 2001

Designing Effective On-line Courses
December 5, 2000
College Board Conference
Boston Massachusetts

What It Takes: New Roles Competencies and Models for Implementing Online Distance Education
October 11, 2000
Authors: Lawrence C. Ragan, PhD, Director of Instructional Design and Development, Penn State's World Campus, Pennsylvania, and
Peter Williams, PhD, Director of Distance Education,Rogers State University, Oklahoma
EDUCAUSE 2000: Nashville TN

(Additional list of presentations prior to 2000 available)

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