RLG Partners meeting, Day 1

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Today was the first of three days with the other RLG partners and was spent getting updates on projects being undertaken by RLG on behalf of the collective. You can find the agenda here. Several programs are being records so I'm trying to attend other ones.  The update session on Archival WorldCat Records and Archives' User Studies by Jackie Dooly and jennifer Schaffner emphasized the need for assessment of our Special Collections, both our digital collections, and our physical services and can that evidence that is collected catalyze change?  The National Library of Australia has done a very study of users of special collections resources focusing on terminology.  Much is going on in this arena and I always wonder how we can bring some of this back home -- I thought about that a lot today.

The Thinking Beyond Copyright session was really full and Merrilee Profitt and Ricky Erway posed the question, "Is clearing permisions or doing orphan works investigations a worthy investment for a research library?"  Clearly Michigan thinks it is since they've been a leader in this effort. We also discussed how this is all about managing risk and how important that process is.

The afternoon concluded with a look at "Cool new Tools".  One was the Crosswalk Web Service that translates data from one metadata schema to another (our own Kevin Clair has been a part of this program).  We also looked at Classify, an experiemental web classification service.  It was posed that it would be great if you could use this for not only classification numbers but for subject headings too.

Finally, in the evening, I took the subway out to Cambridge and had dinner with my old and dear friend Rebecca Graham, Associate Librarian of Harvard College for Preservation, Digitization, and Administrative Services.  We had a thoroughly delightful dinner and it was a great way to end the day.

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