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One of the best things in life are treasures.  Treasures can come in many forms -- people, an excellent program, something that is particularly meaningful.  I've been thinking a lot about treasures lately because this summer was a summer full of treasures for me.  In both my worklife and in my personal life, I seem to have found an abundance of treasures. 

In my worklife, one of the best treasures of the summer was the visit by six ARL Library Leadership Fellows. The ARL Leadership Fellows Program was started by several very forward thinking ARL Directors who wanted to help the next generation of library leaders gain an insight into what it means to be a Director of a very large research library.  Those of us who talked with them learned a lot from the participants who were here at Penn State.

Another treasure of this summer was the time we got to spend together as a family.  Being a close family and having members 600 miles away makes each time we're together a time to treasure.  Besides wonderful family time, there was also the Dude Ranch vacation at the Bar Lazy J with my friend Laura and the spa weekend in Chicago with my daughter Sarah.

Finally, we're in the process of moving my father from independent to assisted living and one of the things that was in his apartment was a box of all sorts of notecards.  Buried in the notecards was one he'd handpainted for my mother on one of their anniversaries.  It's a bit eerie that I found it today because today would have been their 62nd anniversary.  It says (and he wrote the text too) "Through all our happiness and joy, and even through our sorrows, You've always been the wife I love and will be for all tomorrows."  This card is a treasured find indeed.

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