(the following was sent to Lorraine Stanton by Mr. Stan Jones of Centerville, Mass.)

The Cost of Freedom: A Brief History

MASSACHUSETTS - In the late winter of 1951, the United States military in Korea was just recovering from a devastating three months. Our Army and Marine ground forces had been pushed back from the Chinese border to mid-South Korea. The tide was turning and for the second time and for the second time all units were headed north. On the western front, the 25th Division was securing new ground daily. Near Suwon, the 35th Regiment was headed north on the Main Supply Route.
Award-winning photo taken by Donald D Duquette, 41 Overlook Dr, Centerville, MA 02632 Phone: 508-775-6155       Some time in March, the paths of John Allen, 35th Regiment, and Don Duquette, Combat Photographer for the 25th Division, crossed. During the half hour they were together, Don photographed John advancing up one of the ever present hills. That photograph is the model from which our Memorial Statue was made.

      Two months later, on yet another hill, John won a Bronze Star for Valor. John did his duty for his country, the 35th, and for you and me, and then came home to Frackville, Pennsylvania. He spent years acting off and on Broadway in New York City then retired to Florida where he died in 1985. He never married.

      The photographer, who had served in World War II and was recalled to Korea, went on to photograph much of the action of the 25th Division that year of 1951. He was finally able to return to the Cape where he has lived ever since. He is a member of the Korean War Veterans Association and is at this ceremony.

      This monument is for all who gave during that time and especially for those who gave all. Still, it is always comforting to know that real, everyday people make our history.


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