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Old Timers 1906

(Glimpses of prominent Frackville citizens from the borough's early days)

JOHN S. MEREDITH was born April 7, 1826, at Thompsontown, Juniata County, eldest of the family of John and Elisabeth (Stauffer) Meredith. He spent his mature life in Schuylkill county, worked at Derr's foundry at Pottsville, and was recruiting officer at Pottsville and St. Clair during the Mexican war. In 1852 he moved with the Fracks to Frackville. In 1862 he joined the 137th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment, belonging to Company K, of Ashland. He died of typhoid fever in the Emery hospital, at Washington, D.C., on March 11, 1863.

In April 8, 1848, Mr. Meredith was married, at Pottsville, to Leonora Frack, and they had a family of seven children, born as follows: Mary Elizabeth, Sept. 13, 1849; Samuel Frack, Dec. 3, 1850; James C. S., Aug. 2, 1852; Joseph Balliet, June 28, 1854; John Gilbert, May 14, 1856; Asa Balliet, 1852; Joseph Balliet, June 28, 1854; John Gilbert, Jan. 11, 1863. Mary E. is unmarried and lives with her mother at Frackville.

Samuel Frack Meredith married Mrs. Emma Flynn, at South Easton, Dec. 22, 1878; he died Nov. 15, 1896, in Colorado. James C. S. Meredith was married Aug. 25, 1871, to Lena Miller, who died Feb. 13, 1890; he lives in Jersey City, N.J. Joseph Balliet Meredith married Mary Ann Curtis on May 6, 1882, and they live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. John Gilbert married Margaret Augusta Merkert on Oct. 30, 1890; he died Dec. 19, 1901. Asa Balliet Meredith married Mayme Riley, and they live in Jersey City, N.J. Margueretta Caroline Meredith married Aaron W. Houtz on Jan. 23, 1887; they live in Orwigsburg.

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