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Old Timers 1916

(Glimpses of prominent Frackville citizens from the borough's early days)

Game Too Fast This Year, Frackville Coach Believes

New Rules Put Extra Burden on Young Players, He Complains

COACH CHARLEY DUNKLEBERGER, who has directed Frackville High basketball teams to 60 consecutive victories in the Northern Schuylkill County Basketball League, was on record today as definitely opposed to the new cage rules eliminating the center jump.

Charley Dunkleberger, Frackville High basketball coach

"It has been my good fortune to have a team of reserves that has been able to share the playing burden with the first team. Otherwise," the Frackville High mentor declared, "I am afraid the pace would be too stiff for my boys."

Dunkleberger's team has already played nine games under the new rules and, with two exceptions, his first team has not been used more than half of each game. The exceptions were the two games with Summit Hill, both of which were lost, and both of which proved to him that the game is too fast under the new regulations.

Scoring Team Penalized

"With the center jump gone," Dunkleberger said, "offense and defense are badly jumbled and, in awarding the ball to the opposing team after a goal, the scoring team is penalized. in my opinion the scoring team should be given at least an equal chance to retain possession of the ball. But under the new rules, the opposition gets the ball and immediately is afforded the opportunity to score."

This set-up, in the opinion of Dunkleberger, favors the shooting team as against the team with a good passing attack that is trained to handle the ball and work into scoring territory instead of remaining at a distance, and taking pot shots at the basket. By this system of play it is possible, he believes, for a team of "long shots" to beat a team otherwise better equipped to play the game as it should be played.

League Record Unmarred

But despite this handicap, the Fracks have made a clean sweep of their league games to remain at the top of the standings and keep unmarred their perfect record in the North Schuylkill circuit. Only close call came at the hands of the veteran Mahanoy Township team, that lost out to the Fracks by a single point.

It is from this team and the surprising Gilberton five that the Frackville coach anticipates the most trouble, although he still believes his team capable of retaining its laurels. Whether his team will prove able to advance in district competition still remains a moot point for, according to the youthful mentor, the team is green and lacking in the experience and poise of his former teams.

"However, I note an improvement in the team's play from week to week," the coach explained, "and it is entirely possible that the team will be much stronger at the end of the league season than it is now." Of the fifteen men on the squad, only five. will be lost by graduation and from the remaining ten, the majority of them sophomores, the Frackville coach hopes to mould another strong team next season.

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