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Old Timers 1893

(Glimpses of prominent Frackville citizens from the borough's early days)

GEORGE BURCHILL, a young and active businessman of Frackville, is the son of Morris and Grace E. (Vaughn) Burchill, and was born in Pottsville, November 20, 1856.

His father was born in Staffordshire, England, about the year 1836, and came to the United States at the age of fifteen years. He first settled in the vicinity of Pottsville, and subsequently removed to various places in Pennsylvania, when in 1876 he came to Frackville where he has since continued to reside. He is a miner and made that his permanent work down to the present time. His family consisted of eight children, six sons and two daughters.

George Burchill was united in wedlock with Susan M. Eiche, a daughter of Peter and Anna Eiche, of Hamburg, on Easter Sunday, March 4, 1878. This union has resulted in the birth of two children, Grace and Isabella. His education was received in the common schools, and at the age of eleven years, he entered the employ of a colliery at Glen Carbon, as a slate picker, and was regularly promoted until August 6, 1888, when he became inside foreman of the Lawrence colliery, near Frackville.

He remained in this position down to May 23, 1892, when the firm of Lawrence & Brown failed financially, when he took charge of a colliery owned by the estate of P. W. Sheafer, and in conjunction with Simon Moore, under the firm of Moore & Company, conducted it for a short period of time, when it reverted to the Sheafer estate. Since that time he has been inside foreman of the same colliery.

In his political proclivities, he is a member of the Republican party, in which he manifests a decided interest. Under this party he has been elected a member of the Borough Council of Frackville for nine consecutive years, and was president of that body for two years.

He holds membership in Washington Camp, No. 66, Patriotic Order Sons of America.

Mr. Burchill is a man who is deserving of great credit for the manner in which he has directed his career in life. Starting in the lowly capacity of a slate picker, he has by fidelity to duty and the interests of his employers, worked his way step by step to a position of trust and responsibility. He is a man of good business ability, and possesses many commendable characteristics as a citizen and a man of affairs.

[This article can be found in "1893 History of Schuylkill County" by J.H. Beers]

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