I passed the North Star on the way-
    it sparkled as it shined;
The view unveiled before me
    left thoughts of home behind.

Riding higher and higher
    o'er a snow-covered mountainside,
I spied below some snowmen
    going out for a sleigh ride.

They laughed and sang and had such fun;
    they played and danced around;
I watched them as they tumbled down
    but didn't make a sound!

A parade was led by Old King Frost;
    his Queen was at his side.
They sat upon a float of ice-
    their subjects watched with pride.

They were followed by a bagpipe band,
    wee snowmen dressed in kilts,
who blew their pipes with all their might
    while clowns walked by on stilts.

Then came the marching soldiers-
    staunch warriors made of snow;
With rhythmic stride they stepped in line
    their faces all aglow.

Snowchildren scouts were next in line
    as far as I could see,
Carrying wreaths and balls and stars
    to deck the Christmas tree.

Then came a military band-
    snowmen in fine array-
Playing all the Christmas Carols,
    getting ready for Christmas Day.

The floats were big and made of snow
    and some of glittering ice,
Decorated with red and green
    and garlands that were nice.

Some had ribbons made of gold
    and silver sparkling bright,
Others adorned with little toys
    which made a joyful sight.

Floats of angels, floats of ivy,
    floats of mistletoe-
Floats of holly, oh by golly
    passed all in a row.

Snowflakes dancing, reindeer prancing,
    snowbirds flying high-
Geese and swans and calling birds
    circled in the sky.

Turtle doves as white as snow,
    French hens with golden rings,
A partridge in a pear tree
    were gifts for any King.

Princes and princesses dancing,
    lords and ladies, too,
With pipers piping, drummers drumming
    they cavorted all night through.

As I watched from my perch on high
    this parade of Christmas delight,
I almost fell off my lofty cloud
    trying to take in one last sight.

While gliding in the direction
    of the mystical North Pole
I looked for Santa Claus Land
    o'er mountains capped with snow.

And suddenly I saw in the distance
    a wintery wonderland-
A beautiful Christmas village,
    a scene that was really grand!

The trees were trimmed and laden
    with stars and balls and lights
And tinsel and snow and glitter,
    making everything shine bright.

Poinsettia plants were blooming
    as high as every house,
And everyone had the Spirit
    -even the little church mouse!

The Christmas train was blowing
    its whistle loud and clear,
With a Merry Christmas message
    for a season of good cheer.

The elves in Santa's factory
    were busy making toys-
drums and dolls and horns and games
    for all good girls and boys.

And then I saw dear Santa
    sitting by the fire
with Mrs. Claus at his side,
    both in red and white attire.