The Humphrey Fellowship year has given me an opportunity to share presentations about my country and its diverse cultural, my professional experience and community projects.  I presented to a wide range of audiences that included the university community, schools.

Country Presentation (South Africa)


Presentation downloads

Transformational Leadership - Rule Presentation.pptx

Country Presentation (SA)-final version.pptx

Park Forest School Presentation.pdf


Cloth Project Presentation

     This is a creative way used to present my personal story of heritage, my family history and favorite places.  It is an easy story telling tool that is portable that I used for school presentations. I created it by printing pictures on iron-on transfer paper, then ironing it onto cloth.

  Cloth Presentation Project(1).JPG 



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Wow!!! What a great set of presentations!! I downloaded and watched all of the presentations, and I was impressed by your ability to make the technologies support your various messages. I also liked your creative idea of printing the photos to iron-on transfers and using them to make one large cloth through which to tell your stories when speaking in person.

You have obviously developed skills with the technologies. You have reached the level at which you are using them more creatively -- a true sign that they belong to you!

Nice work! I can see that you have earned the certificate. You are a master when it comes to using the technologies to support teaching and learning.

Kyle {(}-;

Thanks Kyle, the tools really sparked my creative energy - I look forward to using it in various ways as a tool to create learning projects.

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