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1, 18, 43, and 1.3 million

1 government agency...

18 sponsored participants...

43 members...

1.3 million people...

so far.


This is the current lineup of people, organizations, and companies impacted by the InCommon Federation of which Penn State is a member. With each passing semester, this organization and the trust fabric it helps to weave is making a big and positive difference in the daily information experience for Penn Staters.

NIH, library vendors, software vendors, third-party hosted serice providers, and man dozens of our peers are all connected. And during this academic year, we will see a handful of very large, very well known technology companies join in.

Some have criticized the speed with which InCommon has achieved its current size and stature. In some efforts, such a pace would be fair game. But the trust business is different than a pure technology business so some deliberation is to be expected and tolerated - mostly because it is necessary. Keep an eye out for more information coming out of InCommon and Penn State's involvement in it.


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Is this related to the psu identity management group I think called Iam? I have heard the term "shebolith" tossed around for a couple years, is that also part of this?

It's related in the sense that InCommon is an organization that helps manage trust between entities - trust based on identity. So InCommon is in many Penn State IAM (http://its.psu.edu/IAM/) discussions, for sure.

is a technology that enables using an identity in one realm (say Penn State) in another realm (say turnitin.com) to gain access to a service or resources. Instead of having to make a new account to manage access, you use the account you already have to assert your Penn Stateness.

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