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IES TM-30-15: IES Method for Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition



Slides from Professional Lighting Designer Convention [Rome, Italy | October 2015]

This is an extended version of the PLDC presentation that also includes eight sections of bonus slides. In addition to explaining the rationale for TM-30-15 and its primary components, the PDF includes sections about the IES color evaluation samples, example TM-30-15 outputs for real light sources, a description of saturated samples and discussion of relationships with CIE R9, explanation of the reference illuminants, comparison between IES Rf and CIE Ra, and a summary of the balloting process, among other sections.

Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition using the IES TM-30-15 Method


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TM-30-15 Frequently Asked Questions, maintained by US Department of Energy


Fact Sheet provided by the US Department of Energy

Evaluating Color Rendition Using IES TM-30-15


Application webinar co-sponsored by US Department of Energy and Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

Royer M, Houser K. 2015. Understanding and Applying TM-30-15: IES Method for Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition


Technical webinar co-sponsored by US Department of Energy and Illuminating Engineering Society of North America

Royer M, David A. 2015. A Technical Discussion of TM-30-15: Why and How it Advances Color Rendition Metrics

YouTube video of a TM-30-15 presentation by Kevin Houser, including the Q&A session, presented at ETC Workshop in Madison, WI during summer 2016:

Tuning White Light for Color Rendition and Why it Matters

[Note! The video does not faithfully reproduce the live demonstrations of color rendition because the spectral information is reduced by the camera and computer monitor.]


Optics Express journal article that provides technical background of the TM-30-15 method

David A, Fini PT, Houser KW, Ohno Y, Royer MP, Smet KAG, Wei M, Whitehead L. 2015. Development of the IES method for evaluating the color rendition of light sources. Optics Express. 23(2):15888-15906.


LEUKOS journal article supporting TM-30-15’s technical foundations

Smet KAG, David A, Whitehead L. 2016. Why Color Space and Spectral Uniformity Are Essential for Color Rendering Measures. LEUKOS. 12(1-2):39-50.


LEUKOS editorial discussing next steps:

Royer MP. 2016. IES TM-30-15 Is Approved—Now What? Moving Forward with New Color Rendition Measures. LEUKOS. 12(1-2):3-5.


Lighting Research and Technology correspondence in support of TM-30-15

Ashdown I, Aviles G, Bennett L, Burkett R, Choi A, Conway K, Deroos M, Druzik J, Gregory P, Herst D, Houser K, Innes M, Israel C, Luedtke W, Oberkircher F, Paolini S, Rosen S, Rosenfeld S, Royer M, Sanders M, Siminovitch M, Smet K, Stone C, Sundin J, Tonello G, vad der Burgt P, van Kemenade J, Veitch JA, Wei M, Whitehead L, Wood M. 2015. In support of the IES method of evaluating light source colour rendition. Lighting Res Technol. 47(8):1029-1034.


Lighting Research and Technology article showing applicability of TM-30-15 to human perceptions:

Royer MP, Wilkerson A, Wei M, Houser K, Davis R. 2016. Human perceptions of colour rendition vary with average fidelity, average gamut, and gamut shape. Online before print 


LEUKOS article examining reference illuminants
Royer MP. 2017. What is the reference? An examination of alternatives to the reference sources used in IES TM-30-15. LEUKOS. 13(2): 71-89.


Lighting Research and Technology article illustrating the importance of uniform spectral sensitivity, and showing that IES Rf is highly correlated with perceived color difference.

Xu W, Wei M, Smet KAG, Lin Y. 2016. The prediction of perceived colour differences by colour fidelity metrics. Lighting Res Technol. Online before print.


TM-30-15 is available for immediate purchase as a PDF download from Techstreet [link] or in print from the IES Webstore [link]. They cannot be posted here because IES holds the copyright and rights to distribute. The Excel spreadsheet that performs TM-30-15 calculations is included with purchase. A link to download the spreadsheet is provided at the top of the TM-30-15 table of contents.



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