I am an Assistant Professor at Penn State Greater Allegheny. Before coming to Penn State, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at Smith College and University of California, Riverside.

My area of research is Commutative Algebra and its connection to Algebraic Geometry and Combinatorics. I graduated from Purdue University in 2010 and my advisor is Bernd Ulrich.

My research centers around the study of Rees algebras, which are an important topic in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry. Rees algebras provide an algebraic realization of the classical notion of blowing up a variety along a subvariety. The tools I have used involve Groebner bases, graph theory, Alexander duals and divisor class groups. I am also interested in finding the invariants of ideals, such as Cohen-Macaulayness and regularity of ideals. I often use the combinatorial tools such as graphs or hypergraphs for proofs.