About Life

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My attitude to life :
1) I do not like well-off and smooth life.
2) I think life is interesting.
3) I think life is challenging.
4) FOOD makes my life better.

About Research

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Research is the main line of PHD study but what the research is? Based on my understanding, research = reading papers + summarizing + critique + new ideas.

Hmmmm...... To be honest, I still do not know if I like doing research, sometimes like and sometimes not. Currently, I think it is important to make research matching with one's characteristics, because doing research is a gradual and accumulating process, requiring lots of patience and hardworking. ....... research is a long way to go.

My current research is Geocollaboration, involving several disciplines including GIScience, cognitive science, and CSCW. And my other research interests include communication, advertise, film and user interface. Welcome to communicate with me if we share same interests,

About Myself

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Born in February 1986, I belong to Aquarius.

About myself? My name is Kunchen, from China, 22.5 years old, second year phd student in IST, and research in GIS. Hmmmm, this introduction is full of information and can make you know who I am, where I am, and what I am doing.

I am not a person who has a strong self-protection and conservative awareness, so I am very glad to share myself with others. I like making friends with anyone and believe that they may make my life fruitful. HAHA, I am friendly and hospitable. I only have one requirement: When talking with me, please control the speaking speed, becasue extracting information needs some time.

I am longing for an easy life but my brain never stop working. Even worse, it always thinks some questions that do not have any answers, concerning with the nature of mankind and life. To be honest, I really do not like thinking such questions, but I knew it is unavoidable. I always  think everyone needs to struggle with these questions in order to make them more clear about future. Hmmm, it is true... I do not want to waste time.

Everything is changing, both people and environment. But  something will be permenant all the time.




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